Once This Was A Place Of Truth

From my live cam chat:

RabbiGadol:  NPR has a report on some of the Pervert  Rabbis of Brooklyn
RabbiGadol:  Christ, there is nothing Jewish about this music.
RabbiGadol:  Once, this was a place of torah
RabbiGadol:  Now, it is the domain of Vishnu
RabbiGadol:  This is why we don’t trust "converts"
RabbiGadol:  Luke, the rabbis are talking
RabbiGadol:  NPR ran a piece on pedophile rabbis in Brooklyn
RabbiGadol:  People who otherwise would not have heard of this shanda are talking about it
RabbiGadol:  This music is full of pagan lures
RabbiGadol:  She is no Debbi Friedman
RabbiGadol:  You should visit India, become a Yogi
RabbiGadol:  Judaism never did fit you
RabbiGadol:  The further you are from it, the happier you are.
RabbiGadol:  The rabbis, too.
RabbiGadol:  Yes, look at you!  Are you ever this happy when in shul?
RabbiGadol:  Pure goy joy
RabbiGadol:  Ugh….You are just making it hard on real converts
Vishnu:  Have you ever banged an Indian?
Vishnu:  Maybe they have a JDate for Hindoo?
Vishnu:  For THIS two temples had to fall?
Vishnu:  Visit me in India.
Vishnu:  Your new Motherland
Vishnu:  And I shall provide you with a bride
Vishnu:  With 6 arms
Vishnu:  She keeps singing the same thing over and over, and for all your understanding of it, it might was well be in Hebrew
DrWilliamPierce:  Why not return to your own kind?
YourMoralLeader:  i like them darkies
DrWilliamPierce:  Do you really?
DrWilliamPierce:  Or is it that you cannot get a proper Aryan, like Holly Randal
DrWilliamPierce:  More racially treasonous music.
DrWilliamPierce:  Would that there were proper white women here.  Holly or Emma
guest8:  Where are those two these days?
YourMoralLeader:  emma’ s got her own place
YourMoralLeader:  holly has a nice british BF
DrWilliamPierce:  "emma’s got her own place"  – this is how Luke characterizes the crawlspace beneath his hovel
YourMoralLeader:  gonna give my CFS to wehe guru
guest18:  and luke has his yoga
DrWilliamPierce:  He’s done with Judaism. and that is a good thing
guest18:  and his gay music
guest18:  doing yoga with tzizit…how revolting
DrWilliamPierce:  I don’t think that’s what he is wearing
guest18:  shema yisrael ada…
guest18:  what is that shmata called?
DrWilliamPierce:  Luke has confided to me that he has small idols that he prays to
guest18:  his wee wee?
DrWilliamPierce:  In fact, he is facing and praying to one now.
guest18:  why can’t he just go mainstream for gods sake
DrWilliamPierce:  Soon he wil be a yogi in India
DrWilliamPierce:  He informs me that he has selected a name. Yogi Bear
DrWilliamPierce:  He will collect a substantial following in India.
DrWilliamPierce:  Including females of the sort he could never get here
guest18:  indian women smell
guest18:  but he will "curry" favor with them
DrWilliamPierce:  Indian cooking is tops
DrWilliamPierce:  Especially for a vegetarian like Luke
guest18:  yeah give up that kosher crap
DrWilliamPierce:  The next logical step: a visit to India
DrWilliamPierce:  Luke is 90% of the way out of Judaism
DrWilliamPierce:  Yogic Faith is the way out
guest18:  he will then start a deepark chopra knockoff in his hovel
DrWilliamPierce:  and $$$$$$ will flow in
guest18:  he couldn’t make it with the jewish chicks
DrWilliamPierce:  He was meant to be with Hollly
DrWilliamPierce:  But messed that up
guest18:  I TOTALLY AGREE !!!"
guest18:  this was the woman for him
guest18:  she was his soul mate
guest18:  and he f**ked that up
DrWilliamPierce:  They were perfect for him
guest18:  a shidduch made in non jewish heaven
DrWilliamPierce:  She could have provided him with an environment in which to indulge his writerly fantasies
DrWilliamPierce:  Just as her mother did her father
guest18:  and she was sweet smart sexy and was willing
DrWilliamPierce:  AND she would have given him a fine home, children, and many sex partners of the desired gender
guest18:  he will never get another holly again..
DrWilliamPierce:  Luke woud not have had to do anything
DrWilliamPierce:  Oh well – Holly has long since moved on
guest18:  as the famous neil diamond said….holly holy night
DrWilliamPierce:  And Luke is trying to.  Hence yoga, not judaism
guest18:  pray dear luke ….the young hot women will not succumb to your charms
guest18:  as you do not have a pot to pish in
guest18:  or in your case piss in
guest8:  Do you two have a life outside of this chatroom?

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