Bill Cork Returns To Adventism

In my blogging adventures, I ran across Bill Cork, who was a Seventh-Day Adventist who converted to Roman Catholicism when I knew him (circa 2004).

Now I find out that Bill has returned to Adventism.

Wow, what a lot of friends he must’ve left behind on his adventures. When you convert to a new religion, most of your old friends leave you behind. You try to stay in touch but they can’t be bothered.

Chaim Amalek emails: I don’t have any idea what this refers to, except (as I shall assume) some vedic legend relating to the Hindoo and their yoga religion. All of which just does not interest me as much as ragging on rabbinical Judaism, for the obvious reason that I know the latter, but not the former.

I cannot be the only reader of this blog who sees Luke slowly building the case, ala Bill Cork, to leave the faith he "converted" to (although much of the rabbinate has since come to regard that conversion as inauthentic) in favor of something else. I’ve seen this before – I used to know a woman who went from whatever form of Protestantism Norwegians practice to Lubavich orthodoxy to Wiccan. And that’s what Luke is doing, as he moves from the Protestantism of his youth to Dennis Prager Judaism to LA Orthodoxy to something else via yoga. The rabbinate, if it is smart and paying attention, will warn Jews against yoga. And freethinkerism.

You could make tons of money in Europe by giving lectures to Eurabians with the working title “What I learned about the Jews during my years as one of them.”

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