Orthodox Jews Uneasy With Obama

Joe emails: Orthodox jews get an uneasy feeling from Barack Obama, and for obvious reasons. He has broken violently with George W. Bush on everything, and israel will obviously be included in things done differently. You can forget tacit approval of settlement activity in Judea and Samaria (hey, small question to the left wing, why does Israel have to accept 2 million arabs in Israel, but not one jew can live in palestinian lands), and you will see the sort of pressure on Israel it has not seen since the end of the Bush I administration and the end of the Clinton’s second term. In both those cases, the end was near and Israel could survive the pressure. Now, we have four more years. It is in Obama’s genes to attempt radical change because anything done by the other side is wrong. Nothing could be clearer from the absolutely disgusting stimulus bill just passed. And Orthodox Jews do not get Obama – Orthodox Jews were never slaveowners and do not bear the white man’s guilt that a two term Obama will begin to assuage.

Now comes Lookstein to hop on board the Obama train. Now, as someone who thinks Obama is a complete waste of time and who is buying silver and gold bullion as Obama destroys the US, I agree with Lookstein. Jews always suck up to the powerful. There is nothing to be lost by it. Like him or not, Obama has the media on his side in a way I cannot recall. You go with the winner. Jews have always done it and the Jews have prospered (witness the state of Israel that came to be by the Jews siding up to Balfour in the 1920s). Unfortunately, Hitler would have none of it, but the Blitzkrieg, had it been formulated by Jews, would have resulted in a 1000 year Reich.

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