A Mesmerizing Car Chase

I can’t look away when the TV plays a car chase.

For the past 20 minutes, since getting home from therapy, I’ve been getting things done while also glancing regularly at the TV screen. A beautiful blonde is driving a U-Haul away from the CHP. She started in the Burbank area, got on the Ten freeway and took it west and now she is north of Pepperdine. She’s hot. She’s wearing a white top and no seat belt. She bops up and down in her seat and smokes the odd ciggie.

I’d really like to know this girl better.

I wish I could turn off my TV but I can’t.

I’ve often been told that my blog is like a car wreck and that my life is like a car wreck.

I want to harness the fascination i feel and capture the same type of excitement on my TV and transfer it to my blog so people can’t look away but while they are here they are reaping enormous spiritual rewards.

Any suggestions?

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