A Wartime Consigliere

Joe emails: Is it just me, or did we elect some kind of social science professor? The economy is tanking ridiculously, the world is swirling the bowl, and the body politic of the US looks like Luke Ford’s midsection. And we have a president giving a speech on arab tv that will do about as much good as giving an enema to a dead person, we have a treasury secretary who is a petty tax thief and who is part and parcel of the bail out crew that lets wall street fat cats skim $4 billion off the top, and an envoy to the middle east who is so old he had a falling out with jesus and who is part and parcel of the team that studied reasons for violence right before the arab world decided that it would be a good idea to just start killing everyone to show everyone how superior they were, all the while obsessing over their evident inferiority.

The only bright thing Obama did was coopt every possible source of dissension. The hard left, well he is the messiah and is closing gitmo. Plus he is black, and it is just like Orthodox Jews’ belief in Torah from Sinai that Obama is the catharsis of all that america has done wrong, such that he cannot do wrong. The clintonistas, well, she is in the kitchen. The democratic party institutionalists, well, Obama has all the dough and has packed the cabinet with the electable dems from the midwest. His only exposure is to fox news and rush limbaugh, but even they have to watch themselves because down deep, they really do not hate america and do not want this guy to fail.

But what is clear is that he is not a wartime consiglieri. Our true enemy may not have even shown itself, but with a weak economy which Obama has decided to leave congress to fix, and with two wars that obama has decided to fight incorrectly (sending more troops to afghanistan is a waste of resources – the fact that the taliban control the scrub brush is irrelevant, when the US has a puppet in Karzai and a launching pad into pakistan to kill arabs and getting out of iraq, where there are so many available resources and targets, is plain stupid). This guy is a total joke.

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