I Just Had An Energy Shower With My Qigong Instructor

And she balanced my chi!

I feel great.

My kundalini is rockin.

I just covered the mirrors in my hovel.

My Qigong instructor says mirrors suck energy out of you.

Then I had to uncover one mirror for three minutes so I could stare into it for three minutes — per Guru Singh’s instructions — without wanting anything to be different.

Can Qigong mend a broken heart?



Qigong is known to be very effective in reducing stress and balancing the emotions, hence making one less vulnerable to all kinds of psychological impacts.  Their reactions become less emotional (or should we say less dramatic) and they are able to think things through.  Not only can they choose to forget the past but they become more optimistic towards the future, more relaxed, even more loveable. 

Example 1: A twenty odd year old person who took up Qigong primarily because of a relationship breakdown that made him suffer badly, got over it within a month’s time and was happily married a year later with another.

Example 2: A thirty year old male who did Qigong for less than a month had just ended a long relationship, admitted feeling strange for not feeling down as a result.  "Previous relationships, that were not as strong, used to cause me much more pain and heartache, but this time I feel as if am over it the very next day", he said.

Even more strange is feedback that came from a Qigong practitioner who is happily married, but for some reason started becoming a magnet to many women wherever he went, ever since he started practicing Qigong.  A few of them approached him and asked him out, he had to refuse them.  "It has never happened before", he said. "I don’t understand it."

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