The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow

I used to say that my musical tastes stopped developing after 1986. That I did not care for contemporary popular music.

Then I had a beautiful girlfriend who told me to give Sheryl Crow a chance.

Four years after the suggestion, I did, buying the CD "The Very Best of Sheryl Crow."

I now listen to it almost every evening when I want to fall asleep.

I try listening to other music to sleep on, particularly classical and Jewish, but it just does not have the same soporific effect.

Sheryl Crow makes me happy and puts me to sleep.

I’m gonna soak up the sun
Gonna tell everyone
To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ’em that)
I’ve got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I’m looking up o I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’m gonna soak up the sun
I’ve got a crummy job
It don’t pay near enough
To buy the things it takes
To win me some of your love
Every time I turn around
I’m looking up, you’re looking down
Maybe something’s wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do
Maybe i am crazy too

I guess you can learn to love again.

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