The Moral Application Of The Alexander Technique

I hate the Firefox brower.

It took five minutes after my computer started up this afternoon for the damn thing to pop up on my screen.

Normally this would be an occasion for me to use the F-word, but no longer ‘coz I got Torah in my heart, a shiksa on my arm, Sanskrit mantras on my CD player and Alexander Technique imprinted on my spine.

One of the foundations of Alexander Technique is inhibition. I’m using it to great effect! Wherever I go, rabbis line up to cheer because I no longer hit on every hot chick in sight. I now have my hormones under control.

And why? Because I practice Alexander Technique.

Yes, my body is changing. Yes, I have disturbing dreams (I blame that on my melatonin supplements, the other night, I dreamed in long graphic detail about a family member drowning). Yes, my voice is changing. Yes, I’m feeling things I haven’t felt before. Yes, I have hair growing in unusual places.

But I’m not worried. I have my body and soul under control because I subject both to the iron discipline of the technique.

Before I act, before I speak, before I sing and dance and blog, I inhibit my natural animalistic impulses until I check what I am about to do by the light of F.M. Alexander and the Torah.

Though it cuts against the grain of my natural humility, I must admit I am far more graceful and poised these days. Yep, I’m pretty light in my loafers.

I think I’m even happy.

Have you noticed a change in tone in my blogging the past two weeks?

Life in Los Angeles is like one big Souplantation. Everywhere you turn, there’s something yummy to eat.

It is so easy when surrounded by the fleshpots of Egypt to indulge in things strictly forbidden by the Almighty.

I have some valuable tips for those who wish to live their life in the light of ancient African wisdom — inhibition! You don’t have to devour the whole smorgasbord. You can inhibit and go instead to a kosher restaurant where the offerings won’t be nearly as appetizing and you won’t be tempted to eat so much.

Pssst! Have you checked out Man’s Supreme Inheritance?

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