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What the hell is a "Jewish faith-based production company"? Judaism and things Jewish are not primarily faith-based, they are primarily action-based. Christian stuff is faith-based. What the hell is Larry Mark writing about?

Larry Mark writes:

I was introduced to Matisyahu, once again; his wife, Tali, herself a nascent Jewish documentary filmmaker; Mendel Schwartz of The Chai Center; and Marc Erlbaum of Nationlight Productions, a new Jewish faith-based production company that hopes to reach mainstream audiences.

Nationlight—which had “Sundance” kippahs made up—is led by Erlbaum, who put together an experienced team of Jewish professionals to serve on his board. They include Michael Helfant, executive producer of “Iron Man,” and Doug Mankoff,  producer of “Away From Her” and executive producer of Sandra Nettelbeck’s “Helen,” which stars Ashley Judd as a professor coming to terms with her clinical depression, and which screens in the Spectrum section at Sundance. “Nationlight will mingle Jewish wisdom with cutting-edge entertainment in order to highlight human potential, probe the difficult but essential questions of our existence, and inspire viewers to better themselves and their surroundings,“ Erlbaum said.  His initial films will include “The Good News,” about a man who sets out to launch a news broadcast that only reports positive stories.

A drash on Moshe was given by Noah BenShea, a writer who is known for his “J

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