Things the press knows about Martin Luther King but won’t remind us

Chaim Amalek emails:

That he was a womanizer. That several of his top advisers (including a jew named Stanley D. Levison) were at one time a card-carrying members of the Communist Party USA. That the title "Doctor" was the result of a course of study culminating in a thesis that his school (Boston University) has since determined he substantially plagiarized off of someone else.

I’d still have voted to make this a national holiday in his honor, even knowing all of this. Most men like a variety of women (unless they are gay); Black people need to have a Jew nearby to tell them what to do (whether it is Jesus or Marx or Rahm Emanuel); and Jews are in no position to call out any other people or person when it comes to committing frauds on goyim for money or self advancement.

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