Dennis Prager’s Favorite Rock Group

He was asked this (a rock group during the 1970s and early 1980s to be exact) during the third hour of his radio show Friday.

He said "ABBA", because he associated them with happy music and he generally prefers happy music.

Prager also loves Vivaldi, the ABBA of classical music.

I got into pop music in eighth grade. My favorite group then and now is Air Supply. My best friend’s favorite group was ABBA and Air Supply was his number two.

One of the few downsides of dating women in their twenties is that they have never heard of Air Supply.

On Thursday, Dennis Prager read approvingly from this WSJ column by Daniel Henninger:

Scooter Libby is the most notable casualty of the domestic war that ran alongside the global war on terror.

In my many years of writing about Washington’s politics, I thought that the Plame affair, its long, mad hunt for the leaker, and then the Libby trial, was one of the most fantastic, preposterous events I’ve ever watched.

A Washington press corps for whom leaks have become the oxygen of life spent three years writing about who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to Robert Novak. Of all the serious and genuinely damaging leaks during the Bush presidency, this was the only one the press chased. Why? This one was different. This leaker was thought to be a top Bush aide, perhaps even the vice president. Once named, this aide could be demolished by a prosecution.

That proved true. Scooter Libby was demolished.

Nominally the legal case was about the wheels of a prosecution in motion. Indeed by its end the details of the case against Mr. Libby had burned down to a travesty. But make no mistake. The effort that went into keeping the Plame affair alive was about discrediting the war effort in Iraq and the Bush antiterror program.

…Washington is on thin ice. The American people could not be more disgusted than they are with the tenor and conduct of politics in Washington. The long Libby case was more muck. When the vice president’s chief of staff was convicted, financially ruined and professionally destroyed on the basis of a conversation, my first thought was, this is going to make it hard to attract the best people to serve in Washington.

Why wouldn’t the spouse of anyone offered a similar job argue that if the system can let a Scooter Libby wash over the falls for this, the price is just too high. "You aren’t going to put our family’s future at this much risk. We won’t serve. We can’t."

These were hard years, and required hard decisions. It’s time to let Scooter Libby get back to work. Like the rest of Washington.

Dennis: "I don’t think I have ever asked publicly for the president to pardon somebody."

Well, Prager did go to bat for releasing (pardoning?) Israeli spy on America Jonathan Pollard.

Dennis: "People say, ‘Well, he lied.’ The issue is one issue alone — whether or not he made mention to Tim Russert in a conversation about Valerie Plame being an agent. It came out anyway that Richard Armitage was the source of the leak. Fitzgerald knew it too. And Colin Powell.

"I will be disappointed in George W. Bush if he doesn’t pardon Scooter Libby."

"There is only one area where I would disagree with Mr. Henninger. It will make it hard for Republicans to recruit capable people. The press doesn’t do this to Democrats. It was effectively done. The Democrats succeeded. They warned people, if we don’t like you, we will use the entire media establishment and legal profession to destroy you. There is nobody who can’t be destroyed. Do you remember what you said in a conversation yesterday much less a year earlier, particularly when you are in such a high profession and talk to so many people?

"Every single one of you could be made out to be a liar. The unlimited funds of the government at disposal. Unlimited subpoena power. I could make every one of you listening, the nicest sweest most law-abiding one of you look disgusting if I had the national press looking through everything in your life, particularly if you had a position of influence. You would’ve had to have had led a life as a quiet monk to not to be able to be smeared by a sufficiently motivated legal system and government.

"Scooter Libby, a good decent man, devoted his life to the country he loved and he got screwed."

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