Yoga Makes Me Feel On Top Of The World

I just went up to the Hollywood Hills for this shot:

Amalek emails: "OK, how flexible are you to begin with? How advanced is your class? What is the fit there?"

I am completely inflexible. I take all manner of classes. When I can’t do something, I just lie down and suck in energy from those who are doing. Yoga is a non-judgmental place. People tend to be much nicer inside a yoga center. It’s a great place to make friends, girlfriends and lovers.

The greatest pickup line in such places? Say, "This is my first day/week/month/ doing yoga." Then look amazed and in awe of your more advanced compatriots.

Amalek writes: "Is it too late, or might an intervention by Rabbi Muskin rope you back into the torah coral?"

I am still in, and I am never leaving, just varying the places I hang out…

Amalek responds: "In other words – accomplishing in the space of a few years what typically took American Jews generations to do: moving from rigorous orthodoxy to Conservative to ala carte Judaism. Also known as assimilating or becoming nominal, "cultural" jews."

Robert emails: "I did it for a while with a bunch of flatulent old hens. Not that arrousing…."

Amalek emails: You should have looked around the room and left immediately upon noting this. Luke, how many flatulent old hens are in your class? How did you happen to select this class from among all the ones out there for yoga? What is the mean age of the females in your class, and the breakdown between genders?

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