Porn Star Joanna Angel Says Orthodox Parents Accept Her

Porn star Mila Shegol graduated from Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy. Many Jewish institutions, including Orthodox Jewish day schools, successfully solicit donations from Jewish pornographers.

Pornographer Joseph Shemesh in the San Fernando Valley sent his kids to Orthodox day schools.

Orthodox professionals I know, such as accountants and lawyers, have no problems doing business with pornographers.

Compared to every other group and religion I know, Jews are the most accepting of porn and pornographers and the natural passions in general (for food, money, fame, success, honor, etc).

Most traditional Christians I know are horrified by pornography but few traditional Jews I know exhibit the same horror.

Porn and sexual excess is one of those vices that people with high IQs can often get away with without visible harm while such indulgences often destroy those with a lower IQ.

Nina Hartley told me about a Shabbat dinner that she and her husband Ira Levine had with a Chabad rabbi in Denver who asked them why they weren’t observant. Ira Levine said, “I’m into S-M.” The rabbi thought for a while, stroked his beard, and finally said, “S-M is not forbidden.”

Forward: American porn star Joanna Angel told a British newspaper that her Orthodox Jewish parents New Jersey have been accepting of her career choices.
In an article on how parents of people working in adult entertainment reacted upon learning about their work, Angel, 34, told the Daily Mail that her parents offered business advice and defended her against judgmental relatives.
Angel runs alternative porn website, which according to the Daily Mail is “one of the biggest in the alternative adult industry.”
“There were a few distant aunts, uncles and cousins who got angry at my mom and dad for not disowning me, but all it did was make us closer,” Angel told the newspaper, adding, “They were like: ‘Don’t tell us how to raise our daughter!’’”
In an interview last year with Vice, Angel (her original name is Mostov) told of growing up observant and attending Jewish day schools and summer camps. While she is no longer Orthodox, she told Vice she still fasts on Yom Kippur and avoids eating bread during Passover.

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