Vogue Hails Orthodox Fashion as Fall’s ‘Sexiest Trend’

Forward: The traditional sexy slip dress for Orthodox women is getting a modern, yet still modest, upgrade that’s bringing it out to the streets, and to the top design house runways.
It is almost 2016, after all.
Vogue reports that Rag & Bone have given the slip dress the modest treatment, “by layering it on top of long-sleeve shirts and slim-fitting cigarette pants, complete with a polished leather topper.”
“Don’t be afraid to layer!” says The Frock’s Simi Polonsky, an Australian Orthodox Jew. “Wear a crisp white shirt or a striped or sheer turtleneck underneath.”
Polansky has some other advice for adding a touch of tomboy sass: “You can totally rock it with high-top kicks and a hoodie,” she and The Frock’s other designer, Chaya Chanin, tell Vogue. “And if you are really into ‘man repelling,’ add a cute sports bra on top.”

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