Pico-Robertson’s Don Etra Goes To Bat For Client Accused Of Murder

From the Los Angeles Times:

In the filing, lawyer Donald Etra wrote that further investigation and forensic tests were required to determine the facts, but his summary of the alleged crime suggested Jassy may contend that Osnes played a more aggressive role than authorities have said. The lawyer labeled the incident a “fight” and said Osnes was “angry that his way was partially blocked” and had “pounded his fists on [Jassy’s] vehicle.”

Osnes was an inch taller than Jassy, according to jail and coroner’s records, but Jassy outweighed him by about 40 pounds. Jassy “has never been in trouble before, and, never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he would find himself in jail, especially for an offense as serious as this one,” his attorney wrote.

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