Whites In Decline

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The self-extermination of whites via depression and demoralization will continue until morale improves.

* And to think, 50 years ago our best minds were certain that men really wanted out of those horrible factory jobs, so they could pursue self-actualizing dreams instead. You know, write a book, or something.

Truth is, most of us didn’t know what to do with ourselves in the absence of really obvious gifts or ambition. A factory job, a mill job, an office job…whatevs.

* As a society, as a civilization we used to celebrate accomplishments and achievements. Now we celebrate the growing acceptance of degenerate forms of human behavior.

In the past it was the first men in the air; the first man to break the sound barrier; the first man to run the four minute mile; the first man on the moon etc. Now it is the first openly gay person on TV, the first gay kiss, the first “out” athlete in whatever sport; the first transgendered person on the cover of some magazine. The benchmarks by which we now measure our progress are completely inverted from the customary mode by which any previous civilization measured its ascent.

I believe this to be the fundamental difference between the old America and the new America. So the above priorities don’t surprise me in the least.

* I am wondering what the spin is going to be when one of these transgender “girls” sexually assaults a female classmate in the girls’ locker room. It seems inevitable that it’s eventually going to happen.

A mature adult who has had to struggle with the issue for years is one thing. A transgender person who’s willing to pay a significant social cost for being transgender, I can believe. But having once been a heterosexual teenage boy, it seems perfectly plausible to me that a troubled heterosexual teenage boy with a low sexual market value might embrace the chance to go ogle naked girls in the shower just by claiming he “feels like a girl.” If he’s already a nobody, what’s he got to lose by pretending to be even more of a weirdo? From his perspective, there’s just very little cost to saying “I’m really a girl” just to get in the girls’ locker room.

I feel like I’m watching a car crash in slow-motion, and we’re at the part where we can see the crash is unavoidable but there’s no way to step in and stop it from happening.

I guess when it eventually happens, we’ll get some variation of the “well, it would have been just as wrong if it were committed by a cisgender girl” argument. As if the whole episode was just one of those “whaddya gonna do” things that nobody could have possibly foreseen.

You know society is doomed when you have to expend intellectual energy defending the basic principles that prior generations just took as common sense.

* Steve, when are you going to break your silence on THE COYWOLF?

* Haven’t I written about it multiple times over the years? It comes up in “Race Does Not Exist” discussions because here we have not races but legally recognized separate species (wolves have typically been protected by the Endangered Species Act), but the boundaries between the species are fuzzy. You could apply the same standards used to say race does not exist to dogs/coyotes/wolves to say that species don’t exist. But species do exist, although it’s difficult to come up with an all purpose definition.

* Say what you like about Eric Fromm and his Frankfurt School affiliations, but he, at any rate, like the Early Marx and Veblen, stressed the point about how humans need to be productive in their daily endeavors.

By “productive” Fromm, Veblen and Marx meant only that we engage in some-what meaningful work. This work didn’t need to be earthshakingly original or daring, just socially useful and personally rewarding. Of course, they recognized that “personally rewarding” varies with the individual’s capacities and their inherent strengths and weaknesses.

The alternative, Fromm maintained, was a sense of meaninglessness, concomitant anger and destructiveness.

Additionally, Fromm (from insight derived through years of listening to people air their grievances and gripes) came to understand that people need a meaningful “frame of reference” that lent their lives some transcendental order and sense of rightness. “Transcendental” doesn’t necessarily imply a particular organized religion along with its pantheon of hoary gods but it does imply that people need to feel as though they belong to some larger coherent Gestalt in which their lives unfold, interaction with which gives their lives some sense of purpose and value.

We see today the dissolution of society’s answer to both of these essential needs and the tragic consequences. Looking at the unemployment rates among both uneducated, young blacks and middle-aged white workers and it becomes obvious that our society is falling apart. Leading unproductive lives results in their feelings of worthlessness and purposelessness. According to their genetic predispositions the one revenges itself by taking out their anger on society (with innocent “random” whites in particular suffering the brutal consequences of their selfish rage) and the other responds through self-destructive behavior. That this should be surprising to any competent social scientist is itself surprising.

Additionally, the left’s assault on society’s root narratives and myths has deprived people of a transcendent, coherent frame of reference. Their heroes have been slandered and villainised and their cultural icons (statues) have been literally defaced, removed or toppled. Their yearly calendar of religious events has been erased. Memorials to criminal shysters such as MLKing as well as holocaust “museums” defile our sacred public places. The great insights and laws of our Founding Fathers are subjected to “deconstruction” by third-rate minds which have themselves, contributed nothing (comparatively) to the comfort and advancement of the human race. The marvelous inventions (by white men) that have raised the lives of billions of this planet’s people from grinding poverty are reviled as tools of oppression. Everything is topsy turvy as the left rejoices in proclaiming the second coming of a “brown world” and celebrates the elevation to rule of those who, hitherto, have demonstrated no particular talent in conceiving or erecting this mirage-like paradise on Earth–or even a fully functioning democratic, first-world economy.

What do these reformers have to offer except black-demogogue-preacher-revival-style “hope and change”? Certainly no long-term tangible prospects. Just handouts and the immediate gratification provided by reaction to or against an unresponsive Social Order; neither of which provides a productive life nor a meaningful larger frame of reference.

* Maybe there’s an insidious link between drugs and pernicious and cultural destructive ideas, both of which have been aggressively peddled to Western culture? Maybe Lyndon Larouche was on to something in his book Drugs, Inc., where he identifies these peddlers and exposes their ultimate goal.

* It will become increasingly difficult for aging European Americans to pay their medical deductible costs in a system that caters to the fastest growing, least productive segments of the population. Black and brown unwed mothers will get all their baby costs and emergency room visits paid for, while retired Smiths and Joneses who worked all their lives will have a hard time coming up with their share of a hernia operation, hip replacement, or dental care.

Greater and greater numbers of them will see declining real value in their monthly Social Security deposits, forcing them to make tradeoffs for necessities — and in many cases sell their homes in a declining market. (They won’t be able to afford their property taxes in cities that have to pay school personnel to babysit and feed all those brown babies.)

Their retirement investments or pensions will shrink or disappear as more and more states and municipalities go bust under the weight of supporting those same growing, unproductive groups. Their investment advisers will unwisely have them in a bubble. (Look around, you are in a bubble now. See the colorful soapy colors swirling around? Isn’t it beautiful as the DOW keeps rising…)

As they say, getting old sucks — but getting old in a declining civilization sucks even more.

* Trump just did a presser at Trump Tower in NYC. I listened to 75%. It’s great. He hasn’t backed down a bit on immigration, the wall, anchor babies, etc. When he was needled that “walls don’t work” he shot back, “look at Israel.” He’s listening to the drumbeats.

Whatever his flaws, whatever happens, we have to be grateful to him for performing the public service of destroying the taboo against mentioning illegals, anchor babies, and a wall. Without Trump it would be Rubio v. Bush.

* It becomes particularly toxic for whites who lack the ability to put into words what you have eloquently spelled out here, but still innately feel the topsy-turvy nature of the world today. Exacerbating the issue is that they feel inadequate to talk openly about it, for fear of being shamed or losing an argument with someone using words like ‘heteronormative’. Then there’s the shame associated with not defending yourself.

* It seems to me that for a whole bunch of reasons, the backbone of this country has been the vast percentage of this country that was white and not too far from average.

What’s going to happen when America’s vast percentage of white middle class and working class people are no longer a majority, can no longer afford to pay a majority of the taxes, no longer can be counted on to contribute the hours and money to local charities that they once did?

The problem isn’t just that whites are becoming a minority, it’s that they are finally finding themselves being affected and dragged down by the some of the same things that have affected other groups for years. Being white and not a screwup isn’t enough to guarantee a living wage job anymore. Being white and not a screwup isn’t enough to keep social problems like addiction and children who don’t know their fathers, etc. away from most white families door anymore.

I expect that the crime rate for whites will creep up and that we may see that whites start operating gangs or joining those of other groups in significant numbers.

We’ll see lots more whites with chronic problems, low incomes, etc. needing help instead of providing it. As a result, America will have a much higher percentage of needy people and a much lower percentage of workers who are net tax contributors.

As a group, it seems inevitable that whites will start to lose many of their distinctive positive traits and advantages in our society and become more like the various minority groups who historically have not done so well in our country.

I don’t think anybody’s thinking about this or prepared for it.

It’s all a recipe for disaster.


* People who read the Book of Proverbs are less likely to put the non-obese of either sex on a pedestal; less likely to grovel to those who make suspiciously pleasant drugs available; less likely to give in to their selfish inclinations. Fewer people now read the Book of Proverbs than in previous years. Consequently, suicidal behaviors are up. That being said, both of my friends who committed suicide (early 80s, late 90s) were, as an earlier comenter said, in “the bottom quartile of attractiveness”, hard as they tried not to be (to brutally simplify – and I am allowed to be brutal about the facts, since I non-brutally pray for the poor guys nearly every day of my life – they were unmistakably in that bottom quartile, despite endless hours at the gym for one of them – well, a few hours, anyway… and for the other one, exhausting attempts at being an accomplished hipster folk singer, that sort of thing). I had moved away from the towns my friends lived in long before their suicides. When obesity rates triple, as they have in recent years, the bottom quarter of male attractiveness is, for those men (and for those lesbians) who idolize the comparative good of sexual pleasure with average or above average women, a very very bad place to be. I wish I had been there for my poor idolatrous friends to talk them out of their idolization problems. I would have explained to them that, with the exception of the morbidly obese, overweight women can be very pleasant sexual partners, within a loving committed relationship. Those who know that are at a lower risk for suicide, I kid you not. Also, and equally important (yes I understand statistics) pleasant drugs and violent dramatic gestures should be repulsive to people who other people care about, one just needs to discover, or rediscover, those people who care about you. Anyway, I too have read the Book of Proverbs and regret not being as true a friend as I should have been. If you don’t want to read the whole book, just pick a number from one to nine and read again and again the chapters ending in that number (1, 11, 21, 31; 2, 12, 22.; my favorites, 7, 17, 27).

* Pathetic. It’s ridiculous when people attribute minority dysfunction to societal factors. It’s just as sad to read all these comments blaming societal trends for the increase in white mortality.

Individuals decide their own fate. If you have a crappy job, work hard to get a better one. If you are overweight, get off the couch and run around the block instead of eating more Fritos. And for Christ’s sake, if you must indulge in an illegal intoxicant, go find yourself a weed dealer instead of smoking meth and popping OxyContin.

None of this stuff is easy (except for finding the weed dealer part). But, who said life was easy? The best things in life are those paid for in toil, sweat and diligence.

* Isn’t this something along the lines of what happened in Russia before Putin? I think Anatoly Karlin had a detailed post a while back indicating that Russia’s demographic problems have largely subsided in the Putin Era, one of the many reasons he has a 90% approval rating and our own elites are sometimes struggling to break 20%.

I’ve been saying for years we should send a delegation of American Notables to Moscow to offer Putin the American Throne. Betcha he’d solve our domestic problems double-quick since he’s had lots of experience handling parasitic Oligarch-types…

* Owing to Open Borders Perpetual Mass Third World Imminvasion and H-1B supplanting of White American workers, massive long-term White unemployment and the concomitant monotonous Megaphonist top-&-bottom-against-the-middle demonization of White Americans seem to be having their desired and intended effects.

Either that, or middle-aged Whites are just obeying Oprah’s exhortation to their old White Racist selves to just “hurry up and die.”

* This must be the “demographic pruning” that Oprah spoke of a few years ago.

* I think this is an artifact of the demographic changing (for people 45-54) that didn’t go to college. In 1999, this included people born in 1945. In 2013, it included people born in 1968.

People that go to college tend to be smarter. Smarter people have lower death rates. We’re probably seeing a change because more people are going to college. Those that don’t go to college aren’t as smart, and the death rate goes up.

In 1967 (1945+22), it wasn’t that big a deal to not have a college degree. In 1990 (1968+22) it was.

* You wonder if that’s a consequence of whites having better healthcare – people are often first exposed to such drugs for legitimate medical reasons. I’ve never used illegal narcotics, but my exposure to hydrocodone, supposedly fairly mild as prescription painkillers go, was enough to convince me of the lure of addiction. Whites with decent health insurance would be able to come up with enough excuses to be prescribed these often enough to start an addiction.

Another factor is that whites tend to have higher expectations of themselves than blacks or Hispanics do. If you’re black or Hispanic you be a mooch for the whole of your life. Expectations are low, and you’ve got plenty of company. Whites who manage not to succeed must feel pretty lonely, by comparison.

Another contributing factor must be the increase in divorce rates, and the rising number of people who reach middle age having never married at all. People are increasingly unwilling to remained hitched to a spouse who has fallen on hard times. Those who reach middle age unmarried must look around and find themselves at something of a dead end. Same goes with those who reach middle age and find themselves professionally unfulfilled.

And finally, the people at or near the bottom are those who benefit most from a “system” – a set of rules to follow that lead to greatest happiness. For the last 40-50 that system has been mocked, undermined, and destroyed. it is gone. There are no rules to follow to attain happiness. You find it on your own, or you don’t.

* Some possible factors for rising white mortality:

Easier access to hard core drugs thanks to increased Asian and Hispanic Immigration and travel (in my part of the world most Class A drugs come from China).

Increasing drug and alcohol use among females

Rural economic stagnation

Widening economic gap between rich and poor whites

White getting increasingly stressed out about economic problems, particularly paying mortgages and farm and business loans (white male farmers are among the most most likely people to commit suicide).

* The problem with the libertarian-style idea of letting these poor whites pass into oblivion because of their bad choices seems not only cruel but a little muddle-headed. Poor whites are the most openly antagonized group in the modern paradigm; the fact that as a group they are failing unto death is not an instance of meritocracy in action. People who can observe the failure of low class whites without any sense of horror are probably following their libertarian principles to the point of absurdity. (Libertarians, why weren’t low class whites failing so spectacularly in the 1950s, for example?)
Noblesse oblige, on the other hand, is a beautiful bit of humanity. Properly, noblesse oblige is not ordered to sustaining the lower classes as parasites forever living off of the higher classes. Rather, I think it is meant to give the low classes the best conditions for whatever limited kind of success they can achieve. Noblesse oblige, the high-minded guidance of the lower classes for the sake of the nation’s common good, is the debt that the innately gifted owe to the nation’s common blood.

* As marijuana becomes more accepted and legal, cartels are pushing heroin instead. Let’s say you’re a regular marijuana user. You go to your dealer and find he has no pot for sale. What do you do? You want a drug. You really really want a drug, but don’t know anyone else who sells. So you buy the heroin anyway even though you know all the warnings. Most drugs users, from pot to heroin or whatever, have the same mentality. If they don’t get their drug, they absolutely have got to substitute another.

I look upon this in a purely Darwinian fashion. People with addictive genes are simply being removed from the white gene pool. This benefits the remaining white society in general. My only regret is that blacks and Mexicans aren’t being culled so quickly as. Heroin use hasn’t really entered these populations to the same extent, but I have no doubt we’ll soon be seeing it hammer these populations hard in the next decade much like crack did the black population back in the 80s. If you thought gang violence was bad in the 80s, just wait until the black and Mexican heroin dealers start fighting over territory in 2016-2026. For all we know, the killing spiral in Baltimore may be a sign that it’s already starting.

* Those of European ancestry are genetically disposed to be empathetic towards a larger community, and have a high level of conscientiousness; things that leave them more prone to suicide and desultory living in the presence of the current propaganda campaign.

* Believe me, I know how they feel, those sick, pissed-off, disappointed, invisible, exploited, forgotten white Americans..

…as my health insurance deductible skyrockets to pay for black and brown parasites, just when I enter the age when I will need it most.

We don’t matter anymore.

This is why I am just maintaining the best life I can for my wife and myself until we die.

This is why I am glad we had no children, who would only suffer further degradation in a declining world.

To those unlucky people who will live in the future: Enjoy your dirty brown planet. I am glad I won’t be here with you.

Anyone who thinks this comment is extreme doesn’t have the frontal lobes to see what’s coming, or the good taste to see what has already disappeared.

* It’s amazing to me how few Americans understand the Social Security system. One of the greatest benefits from SS is the “spousal benefit.” A stay-at-home mom can earn 50% of her husband’s SS benefit because in the 1930s they recognized “housework” as a valuable contribution to society. Americans in that era got tired of seeing little old ladies living out their final years in poverty as widows. Many of today’s “working moms” will not earn a significantly larger SS benefit than they would have received as a spousal benefit, yet they pay all these payroll taxes, income taxes, commuting expenses, day care, fast food, industrial-processed groceries and have too many meals from a red-and-white-striped bucket. No wonder they are drinking themselves to death. That second paycheck isn’t free, in fact, for most families the second income is probably negative over the lifetime of the couple.

* Few if any commenters here or at the NY Times mentioned the negative — and often dramatic — changes that mass immigration has brought to our communities.

Thirty years ago my suburban town was made up mostly of people like me, young white adults striving to raise a family in a good atmosphere. The schools were great and there was a real sense of community. I felt I belonged; most importantly, I felt like I had “made it.”

Today, I go to the grocery store or to a restaurant and I’m alone, surrounded by foreigners who look, talk and act completely different from me. There are few young white couples with children; my generation of whites was the last to see this place as “home.”

We have literally been replaced. And we are supposed to be happy about it, because diversity.

* So a race of people can be demoralized by decades (not even centuries) of all-encompassing negative publicity, to the point where they, collectively start making awful and self-hating decisions?

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