Andrew Sullivan & The Jews

I stopped reading Sullivan regularly when he wouldn’t get off his gay marriage kick (and there were those revelations about his personal ads, oy, couldn’t get that stuff out of my mind).

My attorney Justin Levine blogs:

First I was baffled by his continued tirade against male circumcision, even after strong scientific and medical evidence developed to show that it helps prevent a disease that has killed millions (including many of Sullivan’s own friends).

Then I grew frustrated by his emphasis on “proportionality” theory with regards to Israel’s current battle against Hamas in Gaza. My frustration stemmed not only from its flawed reasoning, and the complete malleability of the philosophy which renders it irrelevant in this instance, but also from the fact that I couldn’t seem to find in depth discussions of “proportionality” from Sullivan in the past with regards to other conflicts around the world – only when the Jews seem to be involved.

But I was REALLY forced to do a double take today when Sullivan seemed to put the blame on “Zionism” for a “constant state of war”. Am I misinterpreting him here? Read his post and decide for yourself. 

Abe Greenwald joins the international Jewish conspiracy to decipher Sullivan’s thoughts here, along with unearthing Sullivan’s contradictory views from an earlier era. Very insightful (on Abe Greenwald’s part).

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