A Dangerous Time For Jews

This just came through the Georgetown synagogue Kesher Israel (Rabbi Barry Freundel): "Given the current situation in Israel, the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Washington has alerted synagogues in the area that there is a chance for anti-Israel demonstrations around the region. To be clear, there is absolutely no reason to believe that this will directly affect our community. But, we wanted to let you know, that if by some chance, something does occur around our area or in Kesher Israel on Shabbat, our policy is to ignore the disruption. We will not engage the disruptors in debate or discussion within the confines of the synagogue and believe that it is best to ignore the protests as much as possible and not engage in any activity that would play into their hands and/or create a hilul Hashem. In the unlikely event that a disruption does occur, please ignore the disruptor(s) and allow the gabbaim to deal with the issue."

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