Pro-Israel rally outside the Los Angeles Federal building in Westwood – Jan. 7, 2008

A woman of Israel writes: "Now I know who pushed me in the Israel and made me drop my sign… likes the limelight. Nothing will be stand in her way to a camera. Yesterday I was pushed rudely by her. I lost my balance and dropped my sign. She did not give me the time of day to apologize or to help me gain my composure. She stared at me with cold fish eye and went on introducing herself to the reporter. It occurred in a quiet area away from the crowd. I didn’t have the present of mind to call over a policeman… Watch out pushy bitxh. I am putting you on notice: The next time you are making yourself a career on the back of Israeli civilians under attack and/or on the back of protesters, I will not be caught by surprise and I’ll smack you back!!!"’s Brad A. Greenberg reports of this youthful, high-energy rally. There was no opposing side present to counter the rally. For more information, visit Video by Jay Firestone and Brad Greenberg.

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