I Feel Like The Whole World Is Opening Up To Me

I took my first yoga class tonight.

I’ve been walking past this yoga studio for a decade. Tonight for the first time I walked in.

I met a nice bloke named Siri.

He offered me a free cup of tea.

He said I can come in any time and have a free cup of tea. I don’t even have to take a class. Just have a cupper.

Jolly good.

Lots of sikhs around here wearing funny turbans. They have nice faces. Lovely auras. Good vibes.

Man, this place smells good. Looks good. Lots of art. It’s clean. No homeless come around begging for money, I hope.

Lots of women.

I’m feeling very spiritual.

Nice tunes.

The stretches are a bit beyond me but the tunes are nice.

Wow, nice gong.

I wonder if I can give it a go later.

Must have another cupper.

Oy, must use bathroom.

Lovely and clean.

This whole place smells good, looks good, tastes good.

I feel like the whole world is opening up to me.

Usually I sit home along in my hovel and curse the world but right now my heart chakra is opening up and I’m pulling in my navel and my sexual organs and I’m feeling very spiritual.

God bless you in all of your legitimate endeavors.

I think I’m going to become a maharishi.

Joe emails: "Now you and Gafni can open a transuniversal psychohealing yurt for the evolution of the spiritualized meta-self."

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