Should Orthodox Institutions Invite Heretics To Speak?

Modern Orthodox rabbi Gil Student writes:

A few weeks ago, a YU student organization had Prof. James Kugel speak to students. Prof. Kugel, you might recall, recently published a book which makes the case that the Bible is a collection of ancient myths and propaganda (link). Under the title "Yeshiva University Gives Platform To Famous Apikores", the website VosIzNeis reported today about this lecture (link; and see Stern College’s The Obsever: link).

Click here to read moreShould an Orthodox university invite him to speak on this, or any, topic? Or, as a YU alumnus and supporter (like many readers of this blog), should we be embarrassed by the VosIzNeias headline and the chatter it is generating? (Things would have been easier if the YU undergraduate newspaper had not written about the event, particularly in such a positive tone.)

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