Is Barack Obama Living Life On The Down Low?

He chose a chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, who majored in dance.

BernardMadoff:  Why don’t you take this bull by his horns and drive over there now and move in with him?
guest2:  i need  someone who doesn’t read so much
BernardMadoff:  give him something else to do with his time
guest2:  oh hovel oh hovel have i got a wife for you
BernardMadoff:  It would not be a hovel if it had a woman’s touch – yours, maybe?
guest2:  i would need to shovel that hovel
BernardMadoff:  so?
guest2:  i am too materialistic
BernardMadoff:  the price is right!
guest2:  i need furs, jewelry
guest2:  nice clothes
guest2:  i need to be wined and dined
BernardMadoff:  then adolf hilter has won yet another posthumous victory over the Jewish people
guest2:  yes he has
guest2:  there is no business like shoah business
BernardMadoff:  Luke, break g2 of her Hitlerism
BernardMadoff:  Luke, offer to take this Jewess to her choice of Shoah movie
BernardMadoff:  I understand there are six or seven now playing
guest2:  i want to write a book on how i met my mate during the holocaust
YourMoralLeader:  what if she’s fat?
guest2:  and had a blind date several years later
guest2:  fat during the shoah ?
guest2:  i will go on Oprah
guest2:  make lots of money
guest2:  and dupe the world….novel story right ??
BernardMadoff:  Yes, God made Oprah to make Jews rich
BernardMadoff:  She is like a candy store for us
guest2:  and one black woman
guest2:  opray is gay  fyi
BernardMadoff:  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!
guest2:  yes…i have my sources and they are good
BernardMadoff:  This will break Straightman’s heart
guest2:  stedman major gay
BernardMadoff:  Who is gay that we don’t know is gay?
guest2:  george clooney
BernardMadoff:  I mean, even if they deny or don’t discuss, doesn’t everyone know all of this?
BernardMadoff:  I want every good looking man to be gay
guest2:  it is quite shockiing but true
BernardMadoff:  heard it before
BernardMadoff:  same people who still say tom cruise is gay
guest2:  bernardo do bist a good lookiing man ?
BernardMadoff:  even though he has had all these hot wives
BernardMadoff:  No, I am not
guest2:  he is also sterile
BernardMadoff:  he has a daughter
guest2:  but it is not his sperm
BernardMadoff:  and don’t tell me it was fathered by lron hubbard
guest2:  yes
BernardMadoff:  oy vay
BernardMadoff:  You had me up until that point
YourMoralLeader:  oy
guest2:  why is this so hard to believe
BernardMadoff:  Puh-leaze
BernardMadoff:  this is where lashon horah reaches its limits
guest2:  m… said he is sterile
BernardMadoff:  guest2, if you are in the know, I have the nuclear question for you
BernardMadoff:  Are you ready?
guest2:  yes
BernardMadoff:  This is the sort of thing NOBODY will touch
guest2:  ok
BernardMadoff:  Is Barry Hussein Obama living life on the down low?
guest2:  i’m ready
guest2:  excellent question
BernardMadoff:  today, or in the past?
guest2:  i have no clue
BernardMadoff:  And what about his "chief of staff", a man who majored in ‘dance"
guest2:  is there such talk of this ?
BernardMadoff:  Rahm Emmanuel?
BernardMadoff:  Well, just asking
guest2:  rahm may very well be
guest2:  emannuel
BernardMadoff:  There was some white dude claiming he and obama once were an item but that’s plitics and youtube for you
guest2:  he may fly off the handle one day
BernardMadoff:  Press will keep that to the end
BernardMadoff:  Same as with other big politicians I’ve heard this said of
guest2:  my interest only lie with bloomberg
BernardMadoff:  him?
BernardMadoff:  straight
guest2:  yes the short man with loads of liquid cash
guest2:  and he used to date diana ross
BernardMadoff:  that does not make him gay
guest2:  he is diversive with his money and his women
guest2:  no he is straight as an arrow…oh to be that arrow
guest2:  he shoots from the hip as well
BernardMadoff:  What about Rod Blagojovich?
guest2:  i hate a man who colors his hair and has a wife with a toilet mouth
BernardMadoff:  Is there a master list of fleygalach on the internet?

YourMoralLeader:  hayley rivers
YourMoralLeader:  loved me good
guest2:  now the river ran dry
guest2:  bernie do not marry out of the faith…i implore you to reconsider
guest2:  rather a woman filled with gashemiut than a woman who will smear mayo on your pastrami
guest2:  think about what is really important in life
BernardMadoff:  I gave up pastrami and mayo on account of my blood cholesterol
guest2:  shiksa=godess  vs  whinny demanding jewess= yichus
BernardMadoff:  not sure of your use of notation
guest2:  i am glad you are watching your health but what about your spiritual health ?
BernardMadoff:  My spiritual health requires an Emma

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