Photoshopping The Woman Out Of Mishpacha Magazine

** Digitally Altered Photo
by Mishpacha Magazine **
Photoshopped Kosher Whitehouse Picture
** Original Photo **

Guess what Mishpacha changed?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I enjoy Mishpacha magazine, the "Jewish Family Weekly" for the orthodox Jewish community (published out of Israel). Actually, my whole family does. Therefore, the following was somewhat of a major surprise, discovered by my older daughter who had seen the REAL picture published on Chabad.Info. It seems Mishpacha is now joining the famous likes of Reuter’s stringers during the Hizbollah war and the Iranian press agency by photoshopping (digitally alterting) news photos…

Wendy: By the way, the Hipsters and the Hasids are fighting one another over bike lanes that run through Hasid enclave of Williamsburg

Wendy: They fear it will bring in scantily clad girls on bikes, which will distract the Satmar Hasids from their studies of rabbinical wisdom

BernardMadoff:  Once, I was the top investor in the world
BernardMadoff:  Now I am everyone’s dog
BernardMadoff:  But back in the day, I was the King of Cesef, the Yid with the Quid
BernardMadoff:  Now they say I’m a modern day Shekyl and Hyde
BernardMadoff:  Luke, when are you moving out of that place?
BernardMadoff:  This is a good time to buy

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