What’s The Point?

All Jews (as well as all blacks, Muslims, whites, Japs, and all peoples and countries) are in a boat. If a tiny number of your people are hacking holes in the boat, and they are not stopped, we all sink.

I often get asked what is the purpose of my postings. In short, I would like for Jews to avoid being thrown into a pit of death as has happened countless times in our history. Thus, I think it is important that we comport ourselves in an honorable way and stop drilling holes in America’s boat.

David Flory: “The Jews with real power in the US and Europe are fouling their own nest very badly (not that they aren’t getting a lot of help from decadent white gentiles). The only races with genuine goodwill for Jews are Western European/Americans, and as they fade demographically so will Jewish power. At the same time, younger whites are going to be very angry about becoming a despised minority in their own country and will be looking for someone to blame. Israel’s nukes are only useful as a deterrent or suicide gesture, and without US backing it’s toast. So I think Luke Ford’s concerns are well justified.”

I want to start an organization called “Jews for Consistency.” We’ll monitor Jewish organizations to make sure that they seek the same things for Jews that they push on non-Jews, and if they don’t, we’ll point it out.

In other words, we’ll ask Jewish organizations that pose as altruistic (such as the ADL, the SPLC, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center) to follow the Golden Rule.

I support all groups organizing in their group interest, but they should be liable for criticism when their actions go against the general good of their country of citizenship.

I support nationalism for everybody (for whites, blacks, Gentiles, Jews, Japanese, Cubans, Croats, etc). I want all peoples to work out their national destiny free of outside domination. I never seek anything for my group that I would not want all groups to enjoy (except in zero-sum cases where I side with my group).

Typically, Jewish organizations, while using the language of universal moral principles, push multiculturalism on the goyim while often seeking the benefits of unity for Jews. For instance, every major American Jewish organizations support immigration amnesty for America, but none of them support the same sort of policy for the Jewish state of Israel.

If Jewish organizations want to protest America being a Christian country, then they should also protest Israel being the Jewish state. If Jewish organizations want to ban hate speech, they should first turn their attention to Jewish texts beginning with the Torah and seek to ban all anti-Gentile sentiments.

If Jewish organizations want to protest anti-Jewish sentiments, they should first protest Jews making negative comments about non-Jews. If Jewish organizations want to track down and persecute ex-Nazis, we’ll demand that they devote equal resources to tracking down Jews who participated in genocides. If being a Nazi is horrible, then surely being a communist is equally horrible and just a couple of generations ago, close to a million American Jews were communists and socialists.

Now, if Jewish organizations such as the ADL and the SPLC will be honest and say that they are ethnic advocacy groups, then we’ll pay them no mind. Every group should organize in their self-interest. What’s obnoxious is when Jewish groups push a multicultural agenda on non-Jews in the name of selfless universal moral principles while reserving ethnic solidarity for Jews.

If Jewish organizations such as AIPAC want to lobby for policies against America’s best interests, we’ll demand that they come clean about how such pursuits brought on the 9/11 attacks.

If Jews want to call anti-Semitism a mental illness, we’ll demand that they apply the same label to Jews who dislike Gentiles.

If Jewish organizations want to make Holocaust revisionism a crime, we’ll demand that they also support criminalizing any criticism of the conventional wisdom that Jewish scholars typically love to challenge (the crucifixion of Jesus, the Crusades, etc). Why should Jewish suffering be any more sacred than the suffering of other peoples? If Jewish organizations want to push for Holocaust education in schools, we’ll demand that this education be proportionate to the number of deaths in genocides, so that most attention goes to the genocides under Mao and then to the genocides, often carried out by Jews, under Stalin (such as the Ukrainian famine), etc.

If it is illegal for whites to have free association and to have white businesses, white schools, and white neighborhoods, it should be similarly illegal for Jews to band together. As a gesture of good faith, these multi-cultural Jewish organizations should push for Jews who own their own homes to take in black and brown homeless and to always have a requisite number of blacks and Mexicans in synagogues, Jewish schools, Jewish organizations, and Jewish events so that Jews can also benefit from the vibrancy of racial diversity.

As Jewish organizations trumpet Jewish accomplishments while maintaining a universalist pose, they should be honest and point out the shortcomings of Jews as well. All individuals and groups benefit from accurate criticism.

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I've written five books (see Amazon.com). My work has been covered in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and on 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com).
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