Inside Yeshiva University

Here is its 990 form filed in 2006. They 1,566 employees making more than $50,000 that year.

The highest paid employees?

* Sheldon E. Socol (Vice President and Counsel to the President) $784,000
* Professor Victor Shuster $595,000
* Professor Irwin Merkatz (professor of obstetrics) $512,000
* Professor Richard Kitsis (professor of cell biology) $504,000
* Professor Mark Mehler (professor of neurology) $486,000

How on earth do these professors make so much money? Are people donating money to YU so the university can pay these giant salaries?

I went into the wrong profession.

Joe emails: "Luke, you really need to get out in the real world. It is a surprise to you that a chairman of a department of obstetrics makes $500,000? A practicing obstetrician in the community makes more than that! (I suppose I better not tell you what I make.)"

Amster Rothstein Ebenstein earned $890,601 from YU in 2005 for legal services. D. Haller made $690,000 for construction.

YU spent over one million dollars on advertising and marketing in 2005. They spent $766,624 on placques and awards. Holy cow!

Dr. Norman Lamm made $262,500 in 2005 (and had an expense account of $196,000). Richard Joel made $620,000 with $84,000 for expenses. Rick Annis, VP of Finance, made $377,000. Morton Lowenbrug, VP of Academic Affairs, made $360,000. Herbert Dobrinksy made $290,000. Daniel Forman $465,000. Dominick Purpura $490,000. Allen Siegel $131,000. Hillel Davis $323,000.

Compare and contrast with Loma Linda University.


Yeshiva University High Schools (New York) 2006. 2005

Highest paid employees for 2005:

* Michael Hecht $163,000
* Gary Beitler $123,000
* Yitzchak Handel $121,000
* Gil S. Perl $104,000
* Harriet Sklar $102,000

Head of School: $239,000
Principal of HS Girls: $201,000
Principal of HS Boys: $160,000

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