Reason Magazine Party

I was at Reason magazine’s West Coast headquarters tonight.

* I was so pleased that this distinguished gentleman at tonight’s party was agreeing with everything I said about illegal immigration until his libertarian son rudely told me the guy was deaf.

* I love how much our ruling class hates Donald Trump. I can’t wait for their humiliation when he is crowned king.

* The libertarians tonight told me I was creepy for dating 18yo girls. It’s a bloody mitzvah, mate!

* Friend: “You’ve been fired from every job in your life. You badmouth other races every day of your life.”
Luke: “It’s a disease.”
Friend: “Then you should be quarantined.”

* The Intifada will go on as long as Arab are in Israel. The only conclusive thing that can be done is remove Arabs and Muslims from Israel. Then Jews can really go to war with each other.

* During my 20 years plus in Judaism, I never thought of myself as belonging to a beleaguered minority, but rather to society’s ruling elite.

* This white guy just told me, “You’ve got some color!” Not easy being 1/16th Chinese and tanning easily.

* I make sure to stay social, stay busy, read, write, etc when I feel the depression coming on, reach out to others in the program… Write out a gratitude list, a things I’m good at list, and list out exactly what I am feeling… Taking action helps.

* Imagine the great things I would be accomplishing if I weren’t on Facebook so much.

* There’s a very tiny number of people that I love, and my happiness seem largely shaped by whether or not they show up to shul and want to talk to me.

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