Shortness Of Breath

Whenever I see a doctor or an acupuncturist or just random hot girls on the street, they’re always asking me if I have shortness of breath.

It’s become one of those questions that I just automatically say no to without thinking it through.

So I’m walking back from Kaiser today after getting some blood drawn and I start to feel shortness of breath. Then I remember nights where I’d sit up in bed gulping for air. Then I think about all the times I’ve said no, I don’t have shortness of breath. I panic and feel that I need to run back to all my doctors and acupuncturists and tell them I’ve had shortness of breath.

Oy, the horror! The horror!

Now I’m wondering what is the difference between shortness of breath and a panic attack?

And these questions are whirling around in my head and are giving me, you guessed it, shortness of breath.

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