Who Is Dean Rotbart?

I keep seeing the name "Dean Rotbart" in the Jewish Journal.

So I use Google to try to get a handle on who he is.

I find this bio, which I assume he wrote: "We are also very proud to have such a visionary leader in our Founder and Chairman, Dean Rotbart. Mr. Rotbart is a former Pulitzer Prize nominated Wall Street Journal investigative reporter…"

The bloke sounds like a total wanker. Anybody can be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Anybody. You just fill out a form and you send in a fee. What’s the big deal?

PS. For the first time, thousands of people want to read the JewishJournal.com this week because of its superb coverage of the Madoff affair. Unfortunately, most of them can’t because the Journal website can’t handle the traffic load. The paper must be shocked that so many people want it and they don’t know how to handle the love.

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