Will You Be My Mommy?

I just watched the 2003 movie Peter Pan.

I was struck by this group of lost boys asking a cute girl, "Will you be my mommy?"

I identify with that. I like to ask girls I date the same question. Many of them think me weird for it, but at least I’m being honest (as honest as a dog humping your leg).

The other thing I liked about the flick was the teaching that every time you say, "I don’t believe in fairies", a fairy dies.

I was struck by the wholesome beauty of the mommy in this movie, played by actress Olivia Williams. I needed to see more of her. I found her very comforting and wanted to get lost in her wholesome goodness. So I looked through Google images to get a better look at the woman I’d like to be my mommy. I found some very nice ones. Mum’s the word.

Olivia, if you would just tuck me into bed each night, I’d be totally fine in the morning. I’d never need to degrade anyone ever again. I’d be cured. I’d be the best of boys. I wouldn’t be lost anymore. I’d grow up. I really would. If only you’d be my mommy.

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