Alex Tabarrok’s “Open Borders and the Welfare State” vs. Peter Schaeffer’s Comment Tsunami

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* I just watched “Going Clear,” a documentary about Scientology, and the way the world inside the bubble of scientology apparently operates made me think that’s kind of what the world would be like if every single person was a libertarian ideologue. I mean, Scientology is basically a corporation that exists to not pay taxes, and to pay its flock of brainwashed faithful 40 cents an hour as employees.

* As a retail tax attorney for over 2 decades, there is nothing in a typical 1040 efiling of a legal noncitizen resident to preclude such a person from getting EITC. There are a few questions and the dependent, school, residence information, but basically there’s one box to check off that the taxpayer has been advised that this is avery important legal document and don’t lie. And a few people who’s income suddenly exceeded the threshold to so qualify had no problem leaving my office in a huff to find some other less law-abiding tax preparer to make their document more …EITC eligible. Again speaks to the idea that most enforcement provisions despite promises otherwise to get the law passed fall by the wayside very quickly.

Further the IRS has few institutional controls to prevent rampant fraud. In one recent tax year, it allowed thousands of refunds to be direct deposited to fictional taxpayers and stolen SS numbers all registered to one address in noted small town America hamlet of Vilnius, Lithuania. That is but one of thousands of examples under the Obama regime.

* Compton got Hispanified over the past few decades and benefits from the relative wealth of the Los Angeles metro area compared to many other parts of the state. The general rule is to follow our West Coast version of the Canadian border test. There is a type of longitudinal wealth gradient that runs downhill when driving east from the beach. Billionaires Beach in Malibu is a few hours, and light years, from troubled spots in the Inland Empire and beyond east of LA.

* The real question is, Steve, is that why do certain economists, politicians and other immigrationist fellow travellers lie, lie, lie and lie, through their teeth, when at some level – if we discount the possibility that they are simply ignorant gullible fools – that mass third world immigration to the west is ‘beneficial’, when the actual empirical evidence, if one cares to study it without prejudice and with cold, hard rationality, is absolutely overwhelming that it is a huge fiscal and economic liability?

* The left’s main project is destroying the West. Welfare statism will survive enough in the short term to facilitate this goal.

I certainly would not describe the main priority of the right’s base to be destroying the welfare state. I think intuitively if not consciously most white people realize that without ethnic aliens in our mix a welfare state would neither be especially costly nor unsustainable. Of course blacks cost us hundreds of billions a year but a meaningful solution to the black question is not going to happen in any foreseeable future, so the best politically feasible thing to promote is the end of third world immigration, especially of the illegal variety.

* Reuters is criticizing the Hungarian government for building it’s new border fence efficiently. Writes Reuters about Hungary’s new 110 mile fence: “It was erected at a cost of 22 billion forints (about $80 million), a rare example of efficiency in a country which built its last underground metro line ten years behind schedule at triple the projected cost.”

The Reuters article described this effort by the Hungarian government to look after the interests of the voters and solve the migrant problem quickly, efficiently, and cheaply as “ruthless efficiency.”

The article further goes on to demonize Hungary’s Orban by pointing out that Orban has “moved quickly to stir public opinion this year with a series of campaigns, amplified by friendly media, including a new state controlled news channel.”

Because leftist governments in places like America and the UK would never operate news media (perhaps with acronyms like BBC, PBS, and NPR), would never spend taxpayer money propagandizing the voters, and would never collaborate with the media to push an ideological agenda.

* As your video notes, three quarters of the migrants are horny Muslim males 15-40. So what provision is Germany making to sexually service them?

Are each bunch of five Muslim men going to pass around the one Muslim woman who came with them? Is Germany going to pay for German whores to service them as part of their welfare benefits? Are they going to be serviced by their young Muslim boys?

In one year they will constitute a ten percent increase in the number of young breeding age men in Germany. So who will volunteer to be their “comfort women”? The liberal German chicks holding up the “Welcome to Germany!” placards?

Maybe German liberals could create a Go Fund Me site or something. The last army of men who invaded Germany in 1944 were a bit more “informal” in procuring sex, but I suspect this is not something the Germans want to repeat.

* The burden on Social Security is immense. Green card holders bring over their elderly parents who are eligible as “family members.” If 65 or older they apply for SSI as “aged” disabled, which means over 65 which means automatically eligible since they are old, and they get SSI, which means they also get Medicaid to pay their Medicare premiums. When working in California a few years back I was shocked at the number of nursing homes full of non English speaking foreigners, and it’s not just Spanish.

A friend who works at Social Security says his biggest gripe is when illegals finally get their green card. Their U.S. born children can “sponsor” them. This takes years but they get it before age 62 then its off to Social Security to claim all the contributions most Americans think they never get. My friend says if they cite when they used false SSNs or others peoples SSNs they have to match up the records and give them credit for all those work quarters with their new legal SSN. Of course using wrong SSNs is a felony, but no matter, they get decades of work credit.

But if not they can wait until age 65 to become disabled “aged.”

* I don’t think many on the alt-right support Trump because of his nuanced reasoning, alpha-male character, stance on climate change, hot gfs/wives, understanding of foreign policy issues, or success at inheriting/creating wealth. Etc.

Instead, it’s Trump’s stance on immigration policy.

With bonus points for his disdain of political correctness. And his willingness to cross his fellow billionaires and media celebrities.

If not for the dreadful quality of the other candidates (excluding the 0%-polling Jim Webb), Trump wouldn’t be getting traction from this quarter. His core Flyover Country support would be lower, too.

It seems to me that Shaeffer’s alluding to that. Trump has seized on immigration as his springboard. Will he pivot to the mainstream consensus, when it suits his purposes? Trump may well have Napoleonesque ambitions as a Great Man, in the mold of Huey Long, Juan Peron, or Silvo Berlusconi.

Under the circumstances, it’s a risk worth taking.

* The central lie here is pretend belief in racial equality. Nobody believes that if the population of Japan suddenly died out and was replaced by Africans that the land mass that used to be Japan would still be an economic super power. Nobody believes that when Muslims take over a European country the economy and the left’s precious social justice will be improved. So why does the left support mass Muslim immigration? Pure racism, they’re not white and they’re not Western. They don’t care about the consequences as long as whitey goes. But then we’ve seen that in the last 50 years of city after city being destroyed by their hate in this country.

* What Schaeffer is commenting on here is the fact that Trump’s political rhetoric is aimed at the 85-100 IQ crowd. This is the fat to left side of the Bell Curve and a huge demographic to appeal to. Schaeffer is not insulting Trump — he is just saying that even with Trump appealing to this crowd, his arguments have more integrity than the Open Borders crowd.

Personally I don’t need Trump to appeal to my IQ tranche. It’s pretty obvious he is anti-immigration, anti-free trade, and anti-neocon. I would settle for just two of those! I want him to be able to sell these and other policies to people who watch professional wrestling.

And it’s clear Trump is an intelligent man and is more than capable to make complicated appeals to intellectuals. But he is smart enough to know that is not how you win an election.

* Is “libertarian” a new euphemism for truculent innumerate ahistorical fool?

1. If you want both less welfare and more immigration, show us how smart you are by convincing Congress to abolish welfare before you open the borders. If, like Bryan Caplan and Alex Tabarrok, you want to open the borders first so immigrants can all get welfare for some indefinite, possibly perpetual, period before welfare is abolished, you are just an enemy of all your fellow citizens.* Notice that changes in welfare spending are easily reversed but getting rid of poor immigrants after they arrive is very difficult.

2. US welfare spending has increased remorselessly since 1965 from 8% to 19% of GDP (!) (figures from OECD in 2014) despite a large influx of immigrants. There is no sign whatever that increasing the immigrant fraction of the population dampens enthusiasm for welfare spending. Indeed, the trend is otherwise– and immigrants attract more welfare spending than natives because of their higher fertility.

3. Immigration makes government grow, not shrink. Immigrants and their spawn require more policing than natives as well as more public education, public healthcare, public housing, etc. Also natives seek government jobs as a refuge from labor competition from immigrants. Native politicians go along eagerly because government growth means more power for them. US federal, state, and local bureaucracies have massively expanded since 1965 (the federal civil service payroll has been restrained since the Bush ’41 administration but that means nothing because massive hiring has been “contracted out.” Naturally federal contracts are awarded to cronies).

*And don’t insult our intelligence with “guest worker” proposals. We all know that guest workers never leave and always end up on welfare with their spawn. If you bring up guest workers you simply prove yourself a liar or a fool.

* My impression from Facebook groups of Tea Party and Ron Paul 2012 supporters is that libertarianism at the mass level is largely an ethnic pride movement for people who identify primarily with the Founding Fathers and with the American Revolution.

* Immigration moratorium was the best thing to ever happen to White middle class Americans. The proof is that 1950s got American White families the highest standard of living ever, anywhere. And 1950s was smack in the middle of the immigration moratorium.

When the moratorium was lifted in 1964, by 1973 the wages of a man with a high school diploma began stagnating then declining, NEVER to regain the old 1950s level.

* The point about California is it used to be one of the wealthiest and best educated states and after mass immigration it’s near the bottom.

Clear and unequivocal proof that the economic arguments for mass immigration are either wrong or deliberate lies.

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