Carly’s Lost Child To Drugs

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* This gives me the opportunity to hate on Carly Fiorina, for her misleading comments about “losing a child” to drugs. Now all the idiots think she lost her daughter to drugs.

1. Lori Ann Fiorina is not her daughter, she is a stepdaughter. Fiorina did not raise her, adopt her and they had no legal parent-child relationship. Fiorina is obviously trying to finesse the fact that she is childless.
2. Lori Ann died of abusing legal drugs.
3. It was disgusting for Fiorina to mix up a political opinion on drug policy with an emotional appeal to “just say no” anti-drug sentiment – which has obviously not worked.

That is only one of the many reasons why Trump is popular. He is honest about tough subjects and doesn’t make slobbery emotional appeals. His older brother died of alcohol poisoning and you don’t see him saying alcohol should be prohibited.

Naturally, her nauseating appeal to emotion, based on a lie, was lauded by WP.

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