Who Will Resist The Islamic Invasion Of Europe?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* European vanity dictates that they can do no other than to invite/welcome/exalt the invading hoard into their countries.

But deep down, they hope that some disreputable agent–like the Serbs, who already have a tainted reputation (by Euro-lights)–will do the dirty work of repelling the invader, and thereby saving the dainty graces of life in Europe.

If and when the ugly deeds are done, the Serbs can expect to be denounced and humiliated by the European elites, so the latter can have their cake and eat it too: clean streets with a clean conscience.

What’s that pseudo-Orwell quote about some people being able to sleep safely in bed because others are willing to do the rough work elsewhere?

* Two alternative outcomes seem plausible:

1. Anti-immigration parties make big headway in the coming decade, and European elites lose some of their enthusiasm for electing a new people. A bunch of cities are henceforth permanently saddled with cruddy Muslim and African ghettoes, but outside of these lousy neighborhoods, European life goes back to normal.

2. European leaders keep their feet firmly glued to the accelerator as they drive toward the demographic cliff. Public anger grows, until groups like the English Defence League or Génération Identitaire start getting their hands on automatic rifles and Semtex (perhaps with the aid of military or police sympathizers). European life becomes very, very interesting for a while, while “refugees” conclude that Saxony is no longer a marked improvement on Syria.

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