I’m Happy With Everything I’ve Seen From Obama Since The Election

I feared he would be a disaster. Instead, everything he has said and done since the election has been responsible and moderate. He chooses centrists to the most important posts in his cabinet. He’s likely to ask Robert Gates to stay on for at least a year as Defense Secretary. He’s governing to be a president to all Americans, not just those who voted for him.

I certainly prefer watching and listening to Obama than the old-as-death John McCain.

FischelXTeitelbaum:  This Obama’s cabinet picks to date seem pretty reasonable to me
FischelXTeitelbaum:  Not what I would expect from a friend of Bill Ayers
FischelXTeitelbaum:  Now imagine who Sarah Palin might have selected
FischelXTeitelbaum:  What if in two years time the Negro sours on Obama, and comes to realize that he is as white as he is black , no , more so once you take his upbringing into account?

Michael Powell writes:

Faces of the Past:

By its very nature, conservatism looks towards the past and engages in nostalgia. However, this has become a fatal flaw of modern conservativism.

If you take a listen to the talk show of religious conservative Dennis Prager, you will hear an intelligent man reliving cultural battles of a bygone era. In many episodes of his show, Prager will rant on and on about the feminism of 60s radicals like Gloria Steinem, which argued that men and women are inherently the same and are only different in behavior due to cultural conditioning. To hear Prager talk, you would think that this was still the gospel preached at today’s universities.

Prager still talks about how he was opposed to the lowering of the voting age to 18, because 18-year-olds “don’t know anything.” The twenty-sixth amendment, which granted this right, was adopted in 1971.

Prager still rants constantly about the 60s and 70s era phrase that said “Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30” and his outrage over radicals who seized control of Columbia’s campus in 1968. To listen to Prager, you would think that America was still undergoing Woodstock, the Vietnam Era and Watergate, because that is still where he is mentally.

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