Get Laid Like Engineers

Steve Johnson replies to a female commenter on Steve Sailer’s article on the bomber Dzokhar:

* “Am I the only one here whose platonic idea of a most masculine man isn’t a thug, but an engineer?”

Hence the expression:

“Get laid like engineers”

or is that “get laid like rock stars”?

I’m clearly getting old because I can’t remember.

Hmm, let’s run through the debate checklist:

Insults (with no basis in reality).

“It’s not your fault that you have low standards and your instincts misfire causing you to desire poor quality women.”


Argument by anecdote:

“My beacon of masculinity married a teenager with a 24 inch waist, huge cat eyes, natural blonde ringlets and ample curves. While she’s never been as smart and talented as he is, she is a fellow engineer and an accomplished violinist.”


Now we’re arguing like a woman!

Excellent job!

Here’s the point past your squid ink:

The qualities women are attracted to are a negative for society – narcissism, sociopathy, and machievellianism. Any man will improve his mating prospects by acting as if he had higher doses of those traits.

Those traits fuck up societies. Reasonable societies constrain women’s mating choices because women are far more socially destructive than men. They are actively attracted to anti-social qualities. Men, at worst, are indifferent to pro-social qualities – so they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.

“I guess, it’s hard for you to imagine that men of higher order recoil from markers of low intelligence, mental defects and vulgar behavior in the same way that they recoil from obesity, acne and hirsutism. And their daughters are a lot less likely to fall for jokers. ”

Yeah, just like Mrs. Tamerlan would never fall for a Chechen muslim with no prospects who beat her occasionally.

“Perhaps, I misunderstood you. I thought you hinted that a rock star’s ability to get defective women in abundance is something to envy and a much better measure of masculinity than a true accomplishment.”

Perhaps you don’t understand much.

You deem the women who have sex with rock stars “defective” on the basis that they have sex with rock stars. You deem Tamerlain’s wife defective based on the fact that she married him. If you were asked beforehand, she’s not. She’s educated and from a solid background and she’s not even close to the only one but that upsets you so you decided to attack the person who pointed it out.

Apparently my noticing reality says all sorts of things about my character:

“You are from that layer of society with the abysmal divorce rates, aren’t you? ”


“If you are at all jealous of a man who screws groupies, you are attracted to very low quality women. That’s reality.”

You’re not too bright are you? I was using common expression to demonstrate that your nonsense about engineers getting all the best girls is ridiculous. I guess in your world if someone has heard of the expression “get laid like a rockstar” and hasn’t heard of “get laid like an engineer” (except as a warning) he must be jealous or something.

“And yet, you envy the thug who married her. ”

Do you have any reading comprehension? She’s an example – she’s a data point. Envy her husband? I don’t know her or him and, not being a woman, I am capable of thinking about abstract matters rather than personalizing everything.

Run out insults all you want – it’s not going to make people unsee what’s right in front of them and it will actually convince people who were doubtful that you’re trying to hide something you find uncomfortable.

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