Can Columba Bush Speak English?

Listen to her struggle to speak comprehensible English while reading a short speech.

Steve Sailer writes:

The most fundamental issue in politics is “Whose side are you on?” Jeb, who is not a particularly slippery individual, has given us much evidence that primarily he’s on the side of Mexicans, not Americans.

That strikes me as an honorable position, just not one I’d want in my President.

Look, Jeb has been reasonably straightforward about the fact that, emotionally, he prefers Mexicans to Americans. If we Americans are too dumb to figure out the implications of what’s Jeb’s been repeatedly hinting at, well, I guess we deserve what we have coming from a third Bush Administration.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* In contrast to Jeb!,

I married a beautiful woman from Europe, but I developed no allegiance whatsoever to her country or to her particular people.

On the contrary, my wife is an extremely patriotic American Citizen. I like to tell people she is “one-hundred-and-TEN percent American,” because she is an example of the best kind of immigrant to this country: She is more American than I am.

She loves to see our flag everywhere. She often cries a little bit when she hears the Star Spangled Banner. (I’ve seen the tears well up in her eyes.) She took classes in American history in college. She understands and cherishes what our country is about, and the role it played in securing her liberty. She gets it.

She speaks and writes English at the graduate school level. (She likes to jokingly ask why something isn’t presented in her native language whenever she encounters Spanish translations on signs, government forms — and telephone recordings, “Para Espanol, marque de dos.”)

I’ve learned a few phrases in her native language, which I don’t have to use at all.

She earned a graduate degree in a STEM field at a prestigious American university. (She had already earned one at her own nation’s top institution.) She kicks ass and contributes immensely to this, her beloved country.

Compared to my wife, Columba Bush is an idiot — and so is Jeb!

By the way, my wife enthusiastically supports Donald Trump for president.

Yes, she agrees that Trump is a character, not perfect by any means. She chose him for the same reasons I did — his clear positions on immigration and foreign trade — the two things that together are destroying the United States from both directions.

She also appreciates the fact that Trump is not politically correct. She sees PC as a sad weakness in current America and Western Europe. She and her family were too busy surviving under a leftist dictatorship to develop this particular leftist weakness.

My wife and I fly in the face of the MSM’s condescending claim that Trump supporters are the usual gang of Joe Six-Packs or whatever. We respect Joe Six-Pack and the American Middle Class. They are the core of America that must be preserved and protected. They are the ones being destroyed by lopsided foreign trade with cheap labor countries and by insane importation of cheap labor at home.

We consider ourselves proudly American middle class. We believe this encompasses the vast majority of our people of all educational and income levels. We know where we came from. We hold no pretenses of being anything else, no matter how much we achieve.

We are enjoying a lot of good laughs and serious conversations during this early election season — thanks to Donald Trump and the Several Dwarves.

* One thing that Trump’s run has established, if nothing else, is that there will never be a Jeb! Administration. Even if he still manages to wrench away the nomination, a lot of us will stay home on Election Day, or write-in Bernie, or Trump, or anyone else. The Inner Party will then realize their original script for 2016 in which Bush graciously loses to Clinton. They are in a panic now because Trump is refusing to play by that script, and appears to have a chance of spoiling the movie ending.

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