If you had to choose between 500 Syrian or African refugees dying at sea or moving on to your block, which would you choose?

Mashable: “If this photo doesn’t make you care about the refugee crisis, nothing will”

I don’t care about Syrian refugees and I don’t care about African refugees and I don’t care about Mexican refugees. I don’t expect these people to care about me either.

I care about my friends and my family and my country and my people and I expect other people to feel similarly.

If Syrians and Africans can’t create prosperity in their own lands, that’s their problem. It’s not an excuse I accept to move them into the West. By all means necessary, these people must be kept out. Not every people is an identical fit for America. This country, for instance, has spent trillions of dollars to uplift blacks and it’s not been terribly effective. Either blacks will create prosperity for themselves on their own or they won’t. It’s not the responsibility of non-blacks and non-Muslims to save blacks and Muslims (beyond the type of help that good people extend responsibly to those in trouble).

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