I Was Wrong About Rick Warren

I read Rick’s books on The Purpose Driven Life and The Purpose Driven Church. I saw him speak at Sinai Temple in Westwood. I saw his dialogue with Rabbi David Wolpe.

I wanted to ask Pastor Warren if he had a position on same sex marriage but Rabbi Wolpe would not call on me during question time.

Today I see that Rick Warren supported Proposition Eight. I’m surprised. I thought he’d shy away from such controversial stands. I was wrong.

Barack Obama said in one of the debates that he was against same-sex marriage.

The NJG:  Gay people are angering people that voted no on 8
The NJG:  I talked to a friend of mine last night who has an evangelical brother priest, and comes from a Catholic family.  She worships at both churches
The NJG:  she’s a dem
The NJG:  and she’s pissed at what is going on
The NJG:  and feels she should have voted YES because of their reactions
The NJG:  they are going after Rick Warren, Catholic Church, Evangelical Churches
The NJG:  they haven’t gone into any black communities yet because they are TRUE cowards
The NJG:  http://saddleback8protest.blogspot.com/
The NJG:  I’m really pissed that they got rid of Scott Eckard
The NJG:  can you believe The Gays got that guy fired for what he believes in?
The NJG:  They truly are NAZI’s and I mean that in every sense of the word
The NJG:  however, this is going to backfire on them big time
The NJG:  Luke, there’s a blog to support Scott
The NJG:  http://supportscotteckern.blogspot.com/
The NJG:  The gays are going after El Coyote Restaurant in Los Angeles now as well
The NJG:  they’re not through
The NJG:  Luke, the California Supreme Court promised a quick review of Prop 8 and Ted Costas – the Recall Guru says if they throw it out they will all be recalled
The NJG:  http://weblog.signonsandiego.com/weblogs/afb/archives/029060.html



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