Was Obama’s Victory Due to the ‘the American alliance of Jews and Negroes’?

I was shocked, shocked to read this virulent racism from Europe, but I admit it also made me laugh.

These are dark days for conservatives and we’ll take our humor where we can get it.

I love how Europe loves to lecture us on racism. As Dennis Prager says, "we have more racism in America because we have more races in America."

Until the past decade, the presence of a black man on a British television show was usually reason enough for mirth.

Here’s a classic line from Fawlty Towers — of course, I am even more appalled than you are: The Major: And the strange thing was… throughout the morning she kept referring to the Indians as niggers. "No no no," I said, "the niggers are the West Indians. These people are wogs."

From the Washington Post:

The day after Obama’s victory, a leading Austrian television journalist said on camera that he "wouldn’t want the Western world to be directed by a black man." A Polish lawmaker stood up in Parliament and called the election result "the end of the white man’s civilization."

…"Africa Conquers the White House," read a headline on the Web site of the National Democratic Party of Germany, a political party that sympathizes with neo-Nazi groups. In an accompanying article, Jürgen Gansel, a party leader and an elected lawmaker in the German state of Saxony, blamed Obama’s victory on "the American alliance of Jews and Negroes."

Offensive opinions have also originated from the other end of the political spectrum. Die Tageszeitung, a Berlin newspaper that supports socialist and leftist causes, predicted Obama’s election in June when it published a large front-page photo of the White House under the headline, "Uncle Barack’s Cabin."

…In a later interview with the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, [Klaus Emmerich} said that "blacks are not as politically civilized." He also called Obama dangerous and implicitly compared him to Hitler, citing his "rhetorical brilliance" and his ability to "appeal charismatically to people."

…In a speech Wednesday, Górski called Obama "the black messiah of the new Left" and a "crypto-communist" who would undoubtedly prove a "disaster." He added: "Al-Qaeda is rubbing their hands with glee that the new president wants peace, not war."

"This marks the end of the white man’s civilization," he said. "America will soon pay a high price for this quirk of democracy."

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