Ferguson Ready To Blow



Chaim Amalek writes: “This is what REAL racially conscious men and women do when they think their fundamental interests are being threatened. They don’t blog, they act.”

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The people out there committing violence at these public protests are mostly young black males, a lumpenproletariat driven by incoherent emotions, not ideology or long term principle. They cannot really be “controlled” directly, but they do respond to the overall discourse in our culture, which currently encourages them to blame cops and white society for their lot in life.

* The russians are playing both ends against the middle, they don’t want to see a more conservative america, they want to see her broken. And that might just be the inevitable result of what is happening, though I doubt russia will have much if anything to do with it.

* Directly on point; have you ever watched any of the videos featuring former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, from the 80s. He describes Soviet subversion tactics that could be Democrat party get out the vote strategies.

* Black ghetto culture is an honor culture. Any public affront to your personal dignity must be met with a strong response or you will lose face. Think of it as “African duelling”.

If you try to rob some 7-11 and the owner manages to run you off, there is no loss of face. You merely failed. You were not “disrespected”. You suffer no loss of face in the black community.

On the other hand, if someone “disrespects” you, you will lose face in the black community and therefore must respond or the disrespect will spread.

The big problem is not that blacks kill each other for reasons of personal honor (it is their culture after all) but that they do not formalize it with a “pistols at dawn” approach. They just open up and start blazing away at a funeral, a child’s birthday party, a dance, a backyard barbecue, whatever. This saddles white folks with police costs, hospital bills, lifetime medical care, etc.

It was an honor crime that got Emmett Till killed. After he accosted, grabbed, and propositioned that white woman, the woman and her sister-in-law working the store agreed to keep it to themselves.

Unfortunately, the black witnesses started spreading the word in the black community (which Emmett probably welcomed since it raised his status).

This by itself wouldn’t have been so bad, except one of the black witnesses (or a friend) made a point of telling the woman’s husband about it when he returned to town. Honor, respect and status in the white AND black community was then an issue.

Emmett’s fate was sealed.

* RT is a valuable source of news on many international topics, but on this issue they simply don’t get it. They have no understanding of what it is like to live among people who regularly resort to gunplay instead of discussion.

There are some Russians and pro-Russians (e.g., The Saker) who will gladly shoot themselves in the foot before even thinking about allying with anyone who is sympathetic to them, especially lots of worried Catholics. They would rather punch them in the face as work with them. Sad.

I’m not sure we can call RT “Putin’s paper” as such since they seem fairly honest about reporting both the good and the bad in Russia. But when it comes to black violence they are clueless. Yes, it could be, as some here have suggested, that they just want to “stick it to the Americans”. If true, who would blame them after all the misery we have caused them as they tried to crawl out from under the rubble of Soviet days?

“Russia Insider” is a little better than RT in this regard. They are not afraid to make friends with others who share many of the same concerns.

I do wish someone could sit down with their editorial boards and talk to them.

* Putin doesn’t want this war of words and images with the West. He wants business and good relations. But Jewish elites are salivating over taking over Russia like they took over America. And they fear the rise of Russia as a counter-example of a great power where the leaders represent the national interests of the majority.
It’s interesting what Jews are trying to do in Ukraine, which is contradictory. On the one hand, Jews are using Ukrainian nationalism against Russian ‘imperialism’. There is some legitimacy to this since it’s understandable that Ukrainians want to be free of Russian influence, which has been no less corrupting than EU/US influence. So, even though Jews oppose goy nationalism, they find Ukrainian nationalism use against Russian nationalism. Make goy fight goy. On the other hand, Jews are trying to promote Ukraine as a ‘liberal democracy’ on the EU model by pressuring it to have ‘gay pride’ parades.

* Everything we know about history tells us that Black Lives Don’t Matter to Blacks. The open-secret story of slavery is that it’s a black enterprise, much blacker than not, that slavery has been hardest to stamp out in black Africa, and that few if any other populations have engaged in slavery in the wholesale way that blacks have. Few have been as willing to sell off people of their own race to buyers from other races. Then there’s the way they slaughter one another on a routine basis. The Rwandan Genocide exceeded the Holocaust in terms of death rate, with machetes as the weapon of choice (“industrialized systems of death” and “death camps” and all the rest are for sissy white people, apparently).

Africa’s always got several low-intensity conflicts (the highest intensity of conflict blacks can sustain) boiling. Internet says the war in Somalia has been going on since 2009, Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria since 2009, civil war in Central African Republic since 2012, civil war in Congo since 1998, Uganda since 1987, insurgency in northern Mali since 2012, south Sudan on and off (mostly on) since 1955. And where there isn’t war, there seem to be strongmen ruling with an iron fist.

This is all against a backdrop of more routine black levels of violent crime, infrastructure-wrecking levels of property crime, slavery, human trafficking, bizzare ritualistic murder, cannibalism, and general depraved insanity.

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