Are Drugs Keeping Young Israel Young?

From my live cam chat:

ChaimAmalek:  My theory is that either Luke is a kept man, or he is dealing in drugs at shul.
ChaimAmalek:  After all, Luke never writes about drug dealing in shul, which means that either it does not exist, or he is himself a dealer
ChaimAmalek:  That’s why Luke was so pissed off about getting kicked out of those temples – he was cut off from his top customers at the Kuddush clubs
ChaimAmalek:  I suspect that it was the Mexican Mafia, blackmailing Luke that got him to convert and to sell drugs in the temples
ChaimAmalek:  Luke, tell us about drug users who go to temple to score
Josh:  luke converted some time after vicki polin’s allegation that jews sacrifice babies, and sometimes i think luke converted to do some real investigative journalism
ChaimAmalek:  Tell us what is keeping Young Israel young.

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