Social Construct Is A Jewish Construct

CH: “Race is not a social construct. Society is a racial construct.”

Social constructs often deny the existence of that which the ruling elite finds threatening.

As Albert S. Lindemann wrote in his book Anti-Semitism Before The Holocaust:

[Adolf] Stoecker’s [1835-1909] main professed concern was the socially destructive impact of industrialization in Germany, what was then called ‘the social question.’ He believed that the negative aspects of the modern industrial system had much to do with the role of Jews in it. He picked up a slogan that would be central to modern anti-Semitism: ‘The social question is the Jewish question.’ The impact of the modern Jew was to undermine existing society and hallowed traditions; the Christian sense of social responsibility and community were being weakened by a small but rising and highly influential minority of the population, one that was coming to exercise great power because of its control of the press and crucial aspects of the economy.

Social construct is a Jew construct, i.e., that which can be used as a cudgel against the majority population to make Jews safer.

Chaim Amalek wrote, “The greatest threat to Jews from Euros in the 20th century was being machine gunned into a ravine, enslaved and starved to death, or being rounded up and stuffed into a gas chamber.”

Luke: Exactly. Jews are right to fear being identified as a hostile alien elite. Bad things happen during bad times.

Chaim Amalek: “The Jews of Germany certainly were not harming German national interests when they were a powerful presence in Wilhelmine Germany. It was not they, but the WASP elite of Germany (along with some Roman Catholic elites in Austria), who embarked upon the suicidal war with France and Russia in 1914 over a minor matter in the Balkans. Still, but for the contributions of loyal, patriotic German-Jewish scientists (Fritz Haber, who was born a Jew), Germany would have been knocked out of the war by 1915, as she had no native sources of nitrates with which to make explosives. Nor did the Jews demonstrate their hostility to the 99.5% of Germany that was not Jewish by invading Christian Poland in 1939. That was entirely a non-Jewish enterprise from beginning to end. Nor did the Jews who were by 1941 either expelled, imprisoned in Dachau, or otherwise “removed from power” order the German nation to invade the USSR in June of 1941 while it was still at war with Great Britain. Nor did those Jews order Germany’s utterly non-Jewish leadership to declare war on the United States in 1941 several days after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Jews had absolutely nothing to do with any of these things. Honestly, one of the reasons the goyim are in such sad shape these days is that too many of them are just too damn stupid even to wipe their behinds without someone telling them how, let alone read and understand history.”

The Jewish response to The Jewish Question (JQ) was to render the question moot.

If there is no such thing as race or tribe from a DNA perspective, then the JQ is silly.

We do have the problem that certain tribes are obviously, obviously different. And that’s why a LOT of terror is needed and lots of propaganda to deny reality. That’s why we must restrict speech to protect the elite, to protect the construct that race means nothing, that national borders mean nothing, that multiculturalism and diversity are good for Gentile nations (though not good for the Jewish state, where the minority Arab population is a curse).

The reason anyone who notices racial differences is called a Nazi is not because they are one or have anything in common with one per se, but rather, because elites fear recognizing racial differences will inevitably lead to them being outed as an alien elite.

Jews are a people who dwell apart, just as the Torah says.

Chaim Amalek: “But why do so many WASPS internalize that world view (they do have agency in this matter)?”

You can have social democracy or you can have multiculturalism.

Social democracy is inherently more vulnerable than capitalism.

But even a heterogenous population is not necessarily a safe place for social democracy, as we learn from Israel.

You can have social democracy, or you can have haredim.

You can still have some social democracy with haredim, but not social welfare. Anything with a nipple on it will have 12 heimeshes sucking on one tit, and 12 tichels sucking on the other.

The most natural thing for an animal — any animal, insects too — to ask when their environment begins to change is, “Is there something that is f***ing up my s***?”

Big Jews think they are pre-empting this question being asked by bringing in a whole host of outsiders and eventually curtailing free speech through Hate Speech laws. But none of this will matter.

The white nationalists (WNs) already understand who is changing their environment, who is changing their society and when the economy and/or grid collapse, the opium quickly wears off.

A better bet would have been to avoid bad times, and to work towards the betterment of the majority population, which is a risible idea both to WNs and to Organized Jewry. Ultimately, Organized Jewry is fighting a war it cannot win. This is the real source of WN disdain.

If the Jew had a chance in hell of coming out on top, they would at least gain respect, but because the Jew is inevitably going to face destruction for this course of action, the WN is disgusted. The Euro goy has no understanding of why in hell anyone would want to insist on a lose/lose scenario.

This is what Nixon meant when he said, “It may be they have a death wish, that’s been the problem with our Jewish friends for centuries.”

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