I Luv Dem Sistas!

Just had three black chix (one is majoring in computer science, one is latin) fussing over me at the physical therapist’s office, Jew heaven, luv dem sistas. Sometimes even a Torah Jew blogger needs a little attention for his aching digits and numb thumbs and stiff wrists.

Susan Williams: Well glad it was physical

Miriam Lilian D Or: They gave him therapy that was very physical.

I can imagine Luke fathering children from every race. To see a little Ethiopian Luke, a little Korean Luke, little Guatemalan, Native American, Swedish, Pakistani Luke, I mean a part from his legitimate Jewish children. It would be so cute. It’s A Luke World After All.

Luke: Shuffling through my credit cards at the office, I gave one with the most room to the secretary and she said, “Let’s see if this one works.”

My skin is white but my credit score is black.

How effectively do English-language swear words translate into Hebrew? I spent $208 on physical therapy for my hands and wrists today and then jammed my thumb trying to help a clueless ungrateful woman waddle through a door.

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