Ellen Pao Steps Down From Reddit

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* There is a big problem with Reddit, its far deeper than Pao, perhaps Steve can give us his two cents based on his marketing expertise.

Reddit made last year a laughable 8.3 million in ad revenues according to Tech Crunch. For an organization that is among the top ten most trafficked sites. Alexa rates at #10 in the US and #33 globally.

The FT and LAT have both reported on the miserable ad revenue; the problem reading through the lines is advertisers don’t like it because its too male (and pale and stale too I suppose) and therefore un-PC. That advertisers flee like vampires from sunlight from anything that might make any female consumers upset.

Steve, was it your experience that most advertisers believed (at any rate) that women made or influenced 87% of purchases? I’ve seen that figure thrown around.

The Gawker click-bait listicle is very carefully constructed, to not offend female consumers. Its always “Seven Reasons to Ban The American Flag for RACISM!” never “Ten Signs You are Stupid Drunken Slut!” Its “controversial” to drive traffic and thus views, don’t know how long that will generate actual advertiser payments.

Yeah Pao failed miserably, because she could not see the real value of Reddit — the comments as a meta-review system. For pretty much everything. That has value. Advertising? I would not call 8.3 million much revenue compared to traffic.

I do think there is real value in information about things. Like, which subway trains to avoid on account of extra, added vibrancy culturally enriching people. That’s worth any amount of money.

* At the Kleiner trial, it came out that Pao had been horrible to all the other women there – she never gave another woman a good performance review. Meanwhile she slept with a male partner to ingratiate herself – she was literally a whore. For her, it was not sufficient for her to succeed – all other women had to fail.

Why does the Left keep picking these dubious champions? She is the Chinese equivalent of Trayvon Martin except her behaviors are stereotypically Chinese bad instead of black bad.

* The whole Reddit-Pao kerfuffle is nothing more than a passionate online community being sold out to a bunch of suits who are fucking things up in their quest for monetization. It’s basically Slashdot all over again.

* Everyone in the NY Times article fails to notice the /u/chooter is a woman, yet the horrible cismale users of Reddit shut the site down in support of her.

* Pao wasn’t a fighter of sexism – that was just MSM agit-prop for the proles, she was simply the product of a stupid Chinese tiger mom, the sort of parent who focuses on getting good grades to the exclusion of all else. In the end she raised a very bright female who is by all accounts nothing but socially and emotionally stunted child in a woman’s body.

* [NYT reporters] Isaac and Streitenfeld. What’s with all the Jewish guys pushing the anti-male feminist agenda? I guess it’s inextricably linked to the larger Progressive agenda for a lot of people.

* Pao and Buddy illustrate why discrimination lawsuits are not that common: your suit is a matter of public record, and nobody will ever hire you again.

Buddy’s suit settled in arbitration in 1991, and then he started his own company. Pao is a really rare exception in that reddit hired her after her lawsuit. But she was a pretty high-profile hire for a site that has never been able to monetize its user base.

Discrimination suits are very, very hard to win absent some hard-core sexual harassment and sex-or-your-job type demands, which nervous employers with deep pockets have been taking great pains to stamp out for a long time.

Pao’s suit was in state court in San Francisco. Only SF city residents, 88% Obama voters, were on the jury pool. But every member of the jury still voted for the rich techie white guys, despite the resentment a lot of city residents feel for rich white techies.

* Importing new cognitive elites has its drawbacks : many if not most Chinese combine Asian IQ with black ethics. What could possibly go wrong?

* It’s probably a lot easier to monetize a clueless woman college graduate’s web traffic than some mildly OCD techie guy with adblock and noscript installed posting through a VPN.

* There oughtta be a Babelfish-style web tool for this– you put in a linked NY Times article and you get back a factual description of the news event, using words that accurately convey what happened. This story would be entitled, “Floundering Interim CEO of Geek Forum Site Fired After No Progress Toward Profitability”

* The feminist mob is by far the most demoralizing component of the rainbow coalition (under control of said Jewish guys). Destroying feminism forever should be our first priority. Once that’s complete we’ll mop up the rest of the lot in a matter of weeks.

* Modern secular Jewish culture is pretty well tied to the left, in all its forms from center-left to Communism back when it actually existed as a force. The few that went right turned into neocons, with all the problems you know about. (well, they thought they went right…they did decide they didn’t like Communism, and then when that died went looking for another enemy)

It’s often said Jewish culture values women, but they weren’t allowed to study Torah or Talmud in the old days. My personal opinion, and you can value it as much as you want, is that like most things, it’s complex.

1. Diaspora Jews [note the Israelis went the other way] valued the intellect over the body, and bred for verbal intelligence. Since women usually have higher verbal intelligence than men, this meant you had a large population of women who were able to convince themselves housework was oppression. It’s also quite possible being a housewife and mother, while lots of work and vitally important, is boring to someone with an IQ of 110 or so, and Jews naturally had quite a few of those. Smart guys without muscles tend not to be attractive to women, and also tend to get pushed around by them, or think feminism is a good way to ingratiate yourself to women.

2. You’re not going to like this, but all the bad blood against the Jews historically came from the right. (I am well aware of the GOP’s Israel worship, but this is a recent development.) So…Jews tend to be on the left and many, many more of the ones *involved in politics* tend to be on the left ( at least in part because of the urban-rural and Northern-Southern splits…how many rural Jews from Alabama are there? the few Jewish republicans who went to Congress, like Eric Cantor and Lee Zeldin, tended to be from suburbs of big blue cities). If you’re on the left, you’re surrounded by people who believe feminism is a good thing.

3. Cultural Marxist plot to destroy Western Civ. Basically, feminism destroys traditional gender roles and allows white culture to be weakened.

* The purpose of leftist propaganda is not to misinform, but to humiliate. The more dubious the champion, the greater the humiliation for those that have been told to accept him or her.

* I get the sense that Ellen Pao is a transgender, a gay man in a woman’s body-which might explain why her gay husband was attracted to her to begin with.

A straight woman would not marry a gay guy. A gay guy marries a gay guy. She is a gay man in a woman’s body. As such she hates her woman body and other women.

* Sexual harassment lawsuits tend to be nuisance type lawsuits in that they are never meant to go to trial. The employer is given a choice to either settle or fight a very public and protracted (expensive) battle. Once the employer decides he is not going to pay off that f*&$%#$@ C&^% is when the fun starts. If Pao was a SJW type then it would not matter because she would be operating out of spite or a sense of morality but it is clear that she is a whore so for her the fact that it went to trial meant that she really had already lost. she was just playing out her hand.

* Silicon Valley has a “problem with…ethnic diversity”. The Israeli General Staff has a “problem” with ethnic diversity, too: No Arab Israelis. Wait: The NYT doesn’t mention this particular “problem”. Therefore, it is not a “problem”. You got that, stupid racist people?

* A big piece of the puzzle is Jewish patriarchy, which is still fundamental Jewish law. The female role in traditional Judaism is extremely confined and restricted.

One can understand the bone-deep rage that enlightened Jewish feminists like Shulamith Firestone felt, living in an open Western culture yet being expected to wear the burkah (or sheitel, in her case). What woman wants to be conditioned to see herself as an evil temptress who leads men away from God with her essential and uncontrollable carnal powers?

One problem, however. A specific attack on Jewish patriarchy would create negative goy attention for Jews as a group. So Firestone spent her entire life working out all her Jewish daddy issues by projecting them on Western society at large as “feminism”.

It has been over 200 years and the Haskala is still tearing at the Jewish psyche … and us, too.

* New York Times’ Reddit Piece Shows Dangers of Internet Journalism

The world is still adjusting to the idea of instant news on the Internet and the ability to easily change and rewrite history in many ways. The Internet has, for better or worse, completely changed the way reporting can be done with a very simple tool: the ability to update pieces after launch. This has many upsides as it means new information can be added to easily augment or complete stories to provide more information to readers and keeping pieces timely. However, there is a hefty potential downside, where sites can cover up and completely rewrite stories without any informing, correcting major errors without comment or just flat out change the story they’re covering.
The New York Times is most recently guilty of this as a NewsDiff’s comparison of their story on Ellen Pao’s resignation shows. The original story was written by Mike Isaac who titled it “Ellen Pao Is Stepping Down as Reddit’s Chief” and presented a relatively neutral and information driven piece on the situation as a business technologies writer. That story, though, is not what you’d find if you went to the New York Times now, because nearly all of it was rewritten by David Streitfeld with reporting by Vindu Goel in San Francisco and published on the front page. It is titled “It’s Silicon Valley 2, Ellen Pao 0: Fighter of Sexism Is Out at Reddit” and is much more of an opinion heavy piece compared to the previous one.
The differences are astounding, as anyone who viewed the original article would return and find it replaced with a wholly other story dealing primarily with sexism around Reddit and how Ellen Pao was a “hero to many.”

* Rise in racist activity seen on social networks

After a long legal battle between Twitter and the French Union of Jewish Students (UEJF) backed by anti-racism groups, Twitter revealed to prosecutors the identity of the person who posted the hashtag: Gregory P., who faced court in January 2014 on charges of incitement of the people – the first person ever to be charged in France for hate speech via Twitter. The #UnBonJuif hashtag has not disappeared, however. In fact, it has trended again recently. Many of the hashtag’s users say it’s a question of their right to humor and freedom of speech and deny any anti-Semitic or racist intentions.

* I won’t pay money to lose customers, who would be rightly outraged to find my advertisement supporting a page called “CoonTown: Big List of Nigger Facts,” on which this posting is typical:

FUCK niggers.
FUCK kikes.
Fuck faggots.
FUCK trannys

A very large share of the content on reddit is evil filth like this.

* In historical Europe, the Right, defined as pro-core and and anti-fringe, had to be anti-Jewish by definition, just as the Jews, as a fringe group that wanted to remain a fringe group*, belonged naturally in the Left. That’s just how group dynamics works out, and we still see its legacy today.

(* Jews who didn’t want to be outsiders in a foreign land had plenty of opportunities to convert and blend into the host population, and a few did. Of course, that means they ceased to be Jewish, and left behind a Jewish population even more ardent about its fringe identity.)

Of course, the Republican Party is very pro Jewish these days. Incidentally, it is also not very pro-core. Its pro-white Christian lip service doesn’t rise above dog whistling and the slavish reference to “Judeo-Christian values,” while the paramount need to appeal to the “Hispanic votes” is touted ad nauseum.

Arguably, a new core is being formed, with the tiny Jewish minority at its very center. The question now is what kind partner it wants to make up the rest of that core — the now humbled mostly white former core or the ascendant rainbow coalition of former fringes. There seems to be a disagreement about this within the Jewish community, but it’s in the enviable position of having two suiters and no real enemy. As a result, Jewish sensibility is now clearly reflected in the public discourse and zealously enforced taboos.

* Anti-semitism tends to be a right thing, rather than a left thing. It should be noted that when you say “historically”, that really only goes back to the 18th century. As someone (I forget who) said, it makes no sense to talk about reactionary politics before the enlightenment, because prior to that, that was the only kind there was. That aphorism isn’t completely true, but mostly so.

However, was it the case that Jews gravitated to the left because rightists tended to dislike them, or that that rightists tended to dislike Jews because Jews tended to gravitate to the left? A lot of the jewish outlook seems to involve an implicit criticism, and even overt action, against traditional (Christian) society. Certainly you can see where rightists might take offense at that and consider it to be an attack on them and their culture.

* “Arianna Huffington married Michael Huffington, she knew he was gay
at the time of their marriage. She married a gay millionaire, not a gay plumber.”

And Huffington kept her married name too, even after she pulled the plug on her sham marriage. By that time she was a confidant of Newt Gingrich and a person of some influence in American political circles, so she had gotten out of Huffington what she needed – a name and a grub-steak.

To understand the motivations of women like Pao and Huffington, it helps to keep in mind that they do what they do because they are gold-digging harpies.

* I’ve worked with a couple of journalism school graduate who got their degrees around that time but were still conservatives, so instead of working at someplace like the Times, they were working in business as PR, advertising or marketing communications managers.
They told me that the J schools still do a great job of teaching the basic tools; spelling, grammar, writing style, research and interview techniques, etc, but the message the professors hammer home is that as journalists they are agents of “Progress”. The message, both overt and subliminal in that their goal is to serve truth, and truth is the idelaized society, therefore whatever they do to correct ancient evils and make the universe better serves the truth. Therefore you see the editorializing and selective presentation of facts that are now universal in the MSM.
Unfortunately the few conservatives who are left in the trade self select themselves into business leaving the true believers to end up running the university journalism departments and large media.

* The people who write for the New York Times, believe (or claim to believe) that a 119-pound nerdling who’s never had a girlfriend, and yet still prefers playing first-person-shooter games to sucking cock, is some kind of ultra-macho, manly man. Its embarrassing to read such nonsense, but that’s what they’re saying there.

These people are essentially claiming that anyone who is neither female nor homosexual, is a engaged in “toxic masculinity.” It would be an insulting slander, if it weren’t so stupid to be of no consequence. Basically, if you’re not taking dick, you are scum. That’s what they’re saying.

* What unifies progressive thought across its critiques of race, sex and homosexuality is its Utopian assumption of a natural, just order that would exist but for white cis-males and their crimes, and that this world wouldn’t differ significantly in technological advancement, political and individual rights, etc from the world we live in.

The problem always with the idea of “white privilege” or “supremacy” is that it gives no value to the transcendent contributions, to the invention of the modern world, for the creation of the very values the progressives invoke when condemning it. This used to at least be implied in the national debate; no more. The Democrats are now a very scary alliance of people too stupid to see the contradiction and people too corrupt to to care about it.

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