What’s The Point Of Non-Jews?

I talk to an Orthodox friend who grew up in a traditional Orthodox section of New York.

Luke: “Have there been any gadolim (great rabbis) who wrote or taught about how non-Jews should organize themselves?”

Friend: “No. Why would a great rabbi waste his time writing about goyim? When the goyim get organized, it’s always bad for Jews.”

Luke: “So no gadolim wrote about Gentile politics?”

Friend: “No. Why waste the time?”

Luke: “Any gadolim write about Gentile nationalisms?”

Friend: “No. Gentile nationalism is always bad for Jews.”

Luke: “The majority of Jews have lived in the diaspora for 2500 years. No major rabbi has written about ways that Gentiles organize themselves that are better or worse for Jews?”

Friend: “No.”

Luke: “Have any gadolim written with empathy about non-Jews?”

Friend: “No. They save their empathy for Jews. Jewish suffering preoccupies rabbis, not Gentile suffering.”

Luke: “Have any gadolim wrestled with what goyim should do religiously? Keeping the seven commandments of the sons of Noah is just minimal ethics. It does not satisfy the human need for religious organization.”

Friend: “No. In traditional Orthodox Judaism, the view is that the purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews.”

Luke: “Jews are capable of doing great things and horrible things. Have any gadolim written about the depths of depravity that some Jews get up to, things such as communism, genocide for Stalin, feminism, pornography, drugs?”

Friend: “No. Why would they write something that could then be used by anti-Semites to hurt Jews?”

Charles Edward Lincoln posts to FB: You are the strangest Jew I ever met. Since you converted to their Strange Gods why would you admit such a horrible thing? Those are your own people arent they no? didn’t you adopt them? I mean actually I guess I have heard natural born Orthodox Jews say that, but it’s a totally despicable thing to say…

G. Allen Bowman: Luke always did have an air of diplomacy about him

Michael Makovi Rabbi Avraham ben ha-Rambam comments on the verse “kingdom of priests and a holy nation” that according to his father, Jews exist to serve the gentiles as a priest serves his flock.

Luke Ford I notice this attitude is widespread in Jewish life.

Charles Edward Lincoln To G. Allen Bowman: Luke’s kind of diplomacy would have advanced the cause of the Third Reich substantially…..if Luke had been speaking in the 1930s….what some Orthodox Jews have told me, two that I can think of off the top, is that “anyone who helps a Jew receives a blessing from God.” Which is not exactly the same as “non-Jews exist to serve Jews.”

But, in response to Michael Makovi: one of the same people who told me about the blessing that Gentiles receive from non-Jews, admittedly a woman with whom I was rather close friends, told me that Jews exist to teach and lead others, and that is what she was trying to do with me….. All of this happened in Beverly Hills, California, which is the only Jewish community I have ever known up close and personal. Otherwise I have only known Jews in isolation.

Susan Williams No one is here to serve we are all here to help each other.

Charles Edward Lincoln Well, Susan Williams, that’s the generally accepted view of “civilized life in society,” but it’s definitely NOT what Luke is saying about his adoptive “super-family.” I find Luke fascinating precisely because he is so intensely unpredictable and “out of the box.” I’m not sure that the box he came out of didn’t belong to a lady named Pandora, once, but it makes for interesting reading at midnight on Saturday evening….

Charles Edward Lincoln All I know is that if I said the things Luke says, I’d be attacked as virulently anti-Semitic….and many modern Nazis and Nazi sympathizers say exactly these same things. It gets confusing. Some conservative right wingers think I’m excessively pro Jewish, but when I hear or read things like this… I feel like we need to explore and be fair, to the extent that’s possible, looking at all sides of the polyhedral crystalline structure of reality….

Susan Williams I once helped a Jew…I smuggled money for him out of Zimbabwe to the UK if I had been caught I would still be in Chikarubi Prison…..I hope he made it to Israel…..IDC what other people do…but I know what I do….

Charles Edward Lincoln That’s very charitable of you…. wonderful in fact. My great aunt Mildred used to be on the national board and the Texas Chairman of a group called Friends of Rhodesia. Needless to say that group no longer exists. But the late PM Ian Smith stayed at her home a couple of times. We all had the greatest respect and regard for the UDI government…. I hope you did too…. I assume you would….

Susan Williams If I am called an untermenchen IDC We all answer to Hashem….

Miriam Lilian D Or Sometimes I am a servant, sometimes I am a master.

Matt: “People will serve you, and regimes will prostrate themselves to you, be a lord to your kinsmen, and your mother’s sons will prostrate themselves to you…”-Genesis 27:29

There’s more verses like this in the Bible regarding Messianic times.

Fact of the matter is, gentiles achieve their spiritual purpose by serving the mamalechet Kohanim. For once, Luke Ford is right about something (regarding Judaism).

Cry more, Esau.

Charadi Rabbis are only influential to other Charadim. Everyone else regards us as extremists.

Too bad for them, because we are thes ones who have the truth on our side. By the way, if you read Jewish text from the inside in their original language, you will find that the validity of this statement is readily demonstrable, contrary to the claims of our opponents who rely on misinformation and fallacious arguments that bemoan woeful ignorance of the Talmud and other sections of the Kabbalah.

* “I’d like to like your posts,” says an Orthodox friend, “but I can’t until I’ve married off all of my children.”

* “You’ve become so normal,” says my Persian friend of six years. “You’ve lost your flavor.”

Darren Melamed Yeah, you and Heshy Fried, have mellowed tremendously over the year. It’s as if you guys lost your Mojo. Who is going to lead the Apikorsim?

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