Jews, Whites & Women

I had a chat this week with two Jewesses and a goy. It went something like this:

One Jew got an email from a goy about Jews that read in part: “That they deliberately bred Talmudic scholars may have selected for genes that facilitate deception/trickery/sophistry/lying. Jews tend to make good lawyers for this reason. Jews also score very highly in verbal IQ.”

Jewess A: “Do you think that’s true?”

Luke: “I’d like to rework some of his concepts to make them more value neutral, and to simply recognize that Jews, like all peoples, have in general certain gifts and certain traits and certain liabilities. I’m studying Talmudic tractate Nedarim (vows) right now and you see subtle Jewish legal reasoning at work. You study it and you see why Jews are such good lawyers and so good at working a system.”

“All closely identifying in-groups tend towards suspicion, hostility and contempt for outsiders. Jews are no exception to that rule. The more a black identifies as black, the more a Muslim identifies as Muslim, the more a Jew identifies as Jewish, the more likely they are to have hostility for outsiders and when you live as a tiny minority, you have to be careful expressing that contempt or the majority will hurt you. Ashkenazi Jews are the most intelligent ethnic group in the world, on average, and so for a person of lesser intelligence, Ashkenazi Jews are likely to be resented for their trickery. Most people with IQs under 95 don’t particularly care for those with IQs over 120 who can discern patterns.”

“You could replace the word ‘Jew’ in the email with ‘women.’ Why are women more adept at manipulation than men? Why are they in some ways more ruthless? Because of evolution. Women are the physically smaller, weaker and more fragile sex and they’ve had to survive partnerships with dangerous bigger male creatures apt to killing and raping them through superior physical force and so women learned to survive through superior inter-personal management skills. So too for Jews. Most Jews over the past 2500 years have lived as a tiny minority among frequently dangerous goyim and to have survive, they’ve had to develop some superior managing skills that usually involve subtlety, intelligence, dexterity, and hidden manipulation. Jews didn’t survive by telling the goyim in general what they really thought of them. From a Jewish perspective, of course Christianity is idolatry, but that is not a wise thing to tell your more numerous Christian neighbors, so you dissemble. You say terrible things about Christians but you call them ‘Esau’ in your sacred texts and claim that these references are to the pagans of old.”

“If you are strong in your Christianity or your Islam or your Judaism, you are likely to have contempt for other religions. This is not a uniquely Jewish tendency. What is unique to Jews is their superior intelligence.”

A: “But that doesn’t really work because people always figure it out.”

Luke: “What’s the alternative? To be honest with people who have superior weaponry and fighting skills and numbers? To let the goyim know how you really feel? Let them know that you regard yourself as a nation within a nation primarily loyal to other Jews around the world rather than to your Gentile rulers? Jews need to do business with non-Jews, and to get the most of the good things in life that they can snag (just like any other group wants to maximize its interests). Do you see blacks building charitable hospitals for non-blacks? Do you see Chinese building charitable hospitals for non-Chinese? No. With the exception of Anglos, most groups are out for themselves.”

“Eventually the clash of interests becomes so severe between Jews and non-Jews that Jews have been kicked out of almost every Western country.”

“Through cleverness, you survive for today. It’s like the rabbi in the story who forestalled a pogrom by promising the ruler he could teach his favorite dog in a year to talk, betting that over the course of 12 months, perhaps the dog would die or the ruler would die or the Jews would leave or maybe he’d teach the dog to talk.”

B: “Women are manipulative because they have vaginas, and those are in short supply when compared with dick, which is plentiful and cheap. Women have become aware of their power and they milk it.”

A: “Why do Talmudic scholars have to lie?”

Luke: “They don’t have to lie, but in Judaism, truth primarily has an instrumental value. Rabbis have a license to say anything that gets Jews to behave as the rabbis wish, to do more mitzvahs, to study more Torah, to give more charity, etc, and the Torah commands Jews to follow their sages. Rabbis can present fables as true if that will emotionally move their audience to be more Jewish. See Marc Shapiro’s book, Changing the Immutable: How Orthodox Judaism Rewrites Its History.”

B: “Doesn’t everyone deceive people?”

Luke: “Yes.”

B: “Is there a Jewish monopoly on deception?”

Luke: “No.”

“Most people are self-deceived, but if you are part of group that is 98% of the country’s population, you don’t have to worry about the things you worry about when you are just 2% of a population but have 50% of the wealth.”

A: “Blacks have a strong group identity.”

Luke: “And Jews hate black nationalism (such as the Nation of Islam) though not as much as they hate white nationalism because blacks are less intelligent and therefore less formidable adversaries.”

“Gentile nationalisms are going to make Jews nervous because it unites the goyim and puts Jews on the outside.”

B: “I see Jews pushing multiculturalism more than ever.”

Luke: “All human relationships are difficult because every individual has at times clashing interests with others. So too for groups. They’re constantly in conflict”

B: “I notice that white nationalists hate nationalism for Jews.”

Luke: “Different groups have different interests. When the other guy gets organized, that’s often a threat to your own group.”

B: “It should be nationalists doing their own and let the multiculturalists play in their rainbow pile. Can’t we unite in that we are all nationalists?”

Luke: “That’s what I support. I hope that’s true.”

“Prior to the Civil War, Jews in the Southern states were either pro-slavery or silent. Jews played a big role for the Confederacy.”

A friend: “I’m too Jewish for the Nazis and too Nazi for the Jews.”

A: “Are we all in a Darwinian struggle for survival?”

Luke: “Yes.”

A: “Who will win?”

B: “I’ve always been scared of the Chinese. I feared they would take over.”

Luke: “You can talk to Chinese born and raised in America and if you ask them why they are studying a particular topic at university, they might say it is for the mother country, and they don’t mean America.”

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