Get Ready For More Legal Hijinx

I loved the New York Times’s banner headline today about Obama’s victory: "Racial barrier falls…"

What racial barrier? There was no racial barrier to a black or a Jew becoming president. There hasn’t been one for at least 30 years.

Joe emails:

The law is clear. Gay marriage is about as valid as a kosher certification (hechsher) on a big mac. The fact that the hechsher was written before a law was made saying big macs are not kosher does not mean it is valid and the pre-law big mac is kosher. So too with gay marriage – and the idea that government cannot pass laws retroactively or impair contracts has never applied to civil matters and the contract that is marriage. However, the various pro-gay lobbies and legal defense funds, as well as the anti-anti-homosexual judiciary and media will clamor for some savings for those gays who married. As to carrying out voter intent, which clearly states that marriage is restricted to a man and a woman, well, democracy is great when obama wins, but not so great when the gays lose. Plus, the constitutional amendment does not go into effect until the vote is certified. I am certain that now is the time to be a florist, a bandleader, or a jack russell terrier breeder as more gays rush to get married to beat the clock.

A total farce on their part, and it will be supported by total nonsense by the elite class. I wonder what the Orthodox rabbis will say. There is a concept in the talmud called "bereirah" which permits decisions taken now to take effect retroactively. Perhaps someone can review the concepts in the tractate involving divorce (gittin) and expound on why prop 8 is retroactive by its clear language.

In the past few elections, the Republicans had actually been improving their performance in LA County:

Dem vote1,372,3521,446,5291,430,6291,710,5051,907,736
Dem %51.8952.5459.3463.4763.10
GOP vote1,239,716799,607746,544871,9301,076,225
GOP %46.8829.0430.9632.3535.60

Bush cracked one – third of the vote in 2004, the best since his father in 1992.  There is no reason the republicans cannot do better than one-third in LA county.
Well, in 2008, they screwed the pooch.  It was the worst percentage performance in the modern era. 

BARACK OBAMADEM 1,845,72669.33
JOHN MCCAINREP 766,16428.78
One bizzare note is that the total vote for 2008 was lower than 2004.  This is probably due to the calling of the election, essentially at 4-5 our time when obama got 200 electoral votes.  In any event, mccain really sucked and the republican party better figure this out. 

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