Who Is ‘CLUE’ And What Is Their Agenda?

In the last issue of the Jewish Journal, I saw a two page ad taken out by a group called CLUE — Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice.

The ad lambasted Windsor Healthcare — owned and operated by two Orthodox Jews.

The essence of the ad is that Windsor workers need "a free and fair election agreement that protects the right of caregivers to choose a union and seek a voice at work without employer intimidation."

The ad also claims Windsor gives substandard care, which is the opposite of their long-running reputation (a class-action lawsuit on this account was thrown out of court in April for lack of evidence).

The ad says there have been "58 substantiated patient complaints on issues ranging from short staffing to dire hazards."

As far as I know, there are no nursing home chains without a similar or higher level of complaints.

When I scan the signatures on the ad, I see all the clergy are left-wing. No Orthodox Jews have signed the ad.

The ad praises the "high standards [shown by] Marnier and the Jewish Home for the Aged…"

Is there any evidence that the quality of care at Marnier and the Jewish Home for the Aged is higher than at Windsor? Or are these homes praised for an alleged higher quality of care simply because they are unionized?

I google CLUE and find they are similarly active against Wallmart.

Here is how CLUE presents themselves: "It all began in 1996, when religious leaders joined the effort to pass a living wage law mandating businesses with Los Angeles city contracts to provide adequate wages and health benefits. After the legislation passed, CLUE was formed with the purpose of organizing the religious community to support low-wage workers in their struggles for a living wage, health benefits, respect and a voice in the corporate and political decisions which affect them. CLUE partners with activist unions and community organizations to increase workers’ capacity to impact their employers, to attain worker-friendly public policies and to pressure commercial/industrial developers to agree to a community benefits package in exchange for permits and subsidies."

The case for unionizing Windsor workers is made on the website DoesWindsorCare.org.

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