Report: Rabbi Who Installed Hidden Cameras in Dorm to Open New Seminary

As I understand it, the rabbi is opening a new school and NCSY – where he worked before — needs to make a decision if they will work with him and let him into their programs.

LINK: According to the Haaretz article, “Bryks currently teaches at two yeshiva programs for men in Israel, Derech and Chai Israel, and two seminary programs for women, Tomer Devorah and Meorot.”
Rabbi Tully Bryks now appears as a teacher and member of the recruitment staff on the website of Meorot, slated to open next year. Rabbi Baruch Smith is no longer listed as Meorot’s director, although the URL for his biography is Rabbi Smith is now the “visionary”, and no one is listed as director.
Rabbi Bryks’ name does not currently appear on the list of staff members on the websites of Tomer Devorah or Derech. Chai Israel only lists administrators on its site.
I am sharing information that is available publicly, as no one connected to the situation has given me permission to quote him or her. I put up the post so that parents can make informed choices, and to encourage seminaries to be transparent about personnel and control.
In May, 2013, Haaretz reported that Rabbi Tully Bryks, director of the Bar-Ilan overseas program, was forced to resign after installing hidden cameras in the hallways of the girls’ dormitories.
“The surveillance cameras were discovered within hours by several stunned students living in adjacent rooms, who immediately lodged a complaint with program administrators citing severe invasion of privacy and who demanded police intervention.

Bryks was soon thereafter relieved of all his responsibilities at the program and barred from any contact with students.”

Bryks posted an apology on his personal Facebook page, claiming that he installed the cameras in order to investigate complaints against the maintenance staff…

HAARETZ: Director of Orthodox gap-year program at Bar-Ilan fired for installing cameras in girls’ dorms

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