What’s The Latest With Former Beth Jacob Rabbi Uri Pilichowski?

According to the bio linked to his Twitter account:

Rabbi Uri Pilichowski grew up in Fair Lawn, New Jersey with Rabbi Benjamin Yudin and Rabbi Saul Zucker as his mentors and teachers. He attended Yavneh Academy day school and Frisch High School. Rabbi Pilichowski studied in Mevaseret Zion for eight years, earning a Bachelor of Talmudic Law and Rabbinic Ordination. While living Israel, Rabbi Pilichowski taught and mentored gap year students.

Rabbi Pilichowski then moved to Beverly Hills, CA to become the Assistant Rabbi of the famed Beth Jacob Congregation. While at Beth Jacob, he partnered with Rabbi Steven Weil to increase Synagogue membership to over 700 families and created a national model for teen and youth departments. Rabbi Pilichowski was then blessed to spend three years in Boca Raton, Florida where he was the Rosh Beit Midrash and Gap Year advisor. Rabbi Pilichowski also served as one of the Rabbis at The Boca Raton Synagogue, focusing on the teen department.

An Israeli citizen and former member of the Israel Civil Defense, Rabbi Pilichowski prided himself with his involvement with the Pro-Israel community in America. He created the first teen pro-Israel group in the country that taught students to advocate in Congress for a stronger US-Israel relationship. His students gained a national reputation that has even reached the White House. Rabbi Pilichowski continues to teach his students from Israel via Skype.

In July 2014, in the midst of Operation Protective Edge, Rabbi Pilichowski moved his family to Israel to become the Director of Overseas Programs at the famed Yeshivat Hakotel in Jerusalem’s Old City. Rabbi Pilichowski teaches in and administrates the American/British, South American Program and European Programs.

Rabbi Pilichowski also enjoys writing and speaking; he is the author of three books, a book on time management, on the weekly Torah portion and on the Jewish festivals. He has been a scholar in residence in synagogues across America, from Richmond, VA to Santa Barbara, CA. Rabbi Pilichowski is happily married to Aliza and has six wonderful children in Mitzpe Yericho.

According to his Facebook, he’s the director of Israel Advocacy at Southern NCSY. Surely that’s a former job. He still lives in Israel. I believe he’s moved on from his position at Ysehivat Hakotel.

Y. says: “If you Google his name, the sixth hit says he’s moved to another yeshivah in Israel, Migdal Hatorah in Modiin.”

I believe YU is cracking down over the past four months as a result of lawsuits, and this matter has become more urgent in the light of the R. Jonathan Rosenblatt shvitz shanda. I understand that R. Kenny Brander has been pushing schools associated with YU to make sure that all staff are clean. There has been a clean-up and people have been let go as a result of this crackdown. Rabbis are moving out with their good name intact and going to more hareidi institutions.

As I wrote July 19, 2011:

On a regular basis over the past eight months, Rabbi Pilichowski read the private email of Topp, West and Ishakis, email that came in from congregants, financial advisors, spouses, friends and the like. You can imagine the painfully personal emails that some people send their rabbi.

At times, Rabbi Pilichowski deleted emails so that Rabbi Topp and company never saw them. For instance, he deleted an email from Yeshiva University that insisted that Rabbi Pilichowski have nothing to do with the shul’s summer kollel program (staffed by YU scholars).

Why? Because this email from Yeshiva University to Rabbi Topp alleged that Rabbi Pilichowski had acted inappropriately in the interviewing process for the program.

What was the nature of this conduct? Apparently, some got the impression that Rabbi Pilichowski wanted only attractive women on the group he was assembling.

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