Jews Are More Against Immigration Than For It

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* In the data, Jews are more against immigration than for it.

1. Jewish-Americans’ responses on immigration: 50% too high, 5% too low, 22% just right, 23% not sure. So we can’t say Jews are for immigration, but we can say 27% of Jews are (5% too low + 22% just right).

We could say many Jewish elites are for immigration. But so are many Gentile elites, with 99.25% (397) of the Forbes 400 failing to voice an opinion against immigration, so if we want to be scientific, “elites” is the predictive quality, not “Jews.”

2. In the 2015 UK elections, Jews voted at a higher rate for Conservative and UKIP party candidates than any other religious affiliation, even higher than Anglicans.

Judaism – 57.9%
Anglican – 57.6%
Methodist – 50.5%
Baptist – 48.2%
Brethren – 46.2%
Roman Catholic – 42.4%
Free Presbyterian – 39.1%
None – 39.1%
Buddhism – 38.2%
Hinduism – 37.1%
Other – 35%
United Reform Church – 34.7%
Presbyterian/Church of Scotland – 32.2%
Sikhism – 21.3%
Islam – 15.7%

Eric Zemmour probably represents Jewish-Europeans’ perspective shift more than we realize.

* Slightly OT, but the late Jon Kest wanted to use 2 % rather 1 % when they were organizing Occupy Wall Street out of 2 Nevins Street in Brooklyn.

Someone might have clued him in as to why 2 % might be problematic, as they say.

Here’s Norman Finkelstein on the BDS cult:

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